The Looking Glass

Not one to be left out, I am also doing a 2009 recap! 😀

(You knew it was coming!)

January 2009

In January, I was rockin’ the unemployment boat.

I have not a single picture from January. Can you believe it?

We did do the detox in January. That was a good experience.

February 2009

I started my new job on February 2nd!

And I think we ordered take-out for Valentine’s Day?

I think the only noteworthy thing we did that month was hang out with the Swenson’s and play Catan.

Mark&Antonias 002

That’s how we roll.

March 2009

Again, we are mega lame and the only thing I have documented for this month is another rond of Catan with the Swenson’s!

spring 09 002

And there was a lot of wine involved.

There always is with the Swenson’s!

April 2009

Spring arrived in Seattle, finally. Jodus and I enjoyed it.

spring 09 020

He started a new job (HELL YES!) with the government and all was well.

May 2009

May was glorious! I got a new laptop and thus started documenting things much better! 😀 ❤ Windows Vista!

We went to a couple Boston Red Sox games.

037 006

And we enjoyed more time in the wonderful Seattle sun.


(This was a great month!)

We hung out with some penguins.

Penguins (12)

And went to a totally badass concert complete with The Prodigy! 😀

 USC 12 (112)

(Yes, I heart techno, bitches!)

USC 12 (66)

I’m not really that short. Val had heels on (I took mine off) and Kirill is just plain tall.

We also signed a lease on a townhouse!

Townhouse (13)

June 2009

We moved into said townhouse!


We went to Kirill’s Birthday party.


And I made Angela’s Raw Vegan Brownie Bites for the first time!




Happy Father’s Day!

Blog & Fathers Day 008

And more baseball!

Blog & Fathers Day 025 

July 2009

I had mass quantities of family time over 4th of July.

4th of July 2009 1454th of July 2009 0224th of July 2009 056

We enjoyed weekends at the Farmer’s Market.

Blog 007Blog 009

We went to the Bite of Seattle

Bite of Seattle 040

And Val’s Birthday!!

Val's B-Day 009

And the best thing about July?

Bling Bling 067

Oh yeaaaaaah!

August 2009

An old friend from college came to visit.

Samantha Visit 027mango Martini 006

I had a birthday.

Birthday 011

No one showed up though.

Ok, lies. 3 adults showed up. And 2 small children.

Birthday 023

I started trying on wedding dresses.

026025 039040 032030 034036  039041044045 055 053

We did the Taste of Edmonds.


And then we went to a Healthy Living Fair!


And we got our engagement pictures done!

029 031

And registered!


September 2009

We visited my alma matter.


We drove to MT.


We hit a deer.

038 033

Hung out with fam.


We got lost in the wilderness.


But we made it out alive.




And we got a new car cuz Acura was totaled by Bambi.


October 2009

We spent a long weekend in Phoenix with Jodus’ fam.

013 038 076 024


But it’s a secret. 😉

Jodus’ dad came to visit.


November 2009

I started working at Nordstrom’s.

I hosted my first ever Turkey Day.

216 215

Jodus ran his first 1/2 marathon!


December 2009

I worked my tail off so December was pretty uneventful.

There was Christmas.


And that’s about it.

Looking back, 2009 was a decent year. A slow start, a beautiful spring, a very busy and exciting summer, and a busy and not as exciting winter.

Going into 2010, I’m most excited for our wedding (and honeymoon). As far as goals go, my number one goal is to better our financial position by a) negotiating a fatty raise or b) finding a new job that’ll pay me what I’m worth.

That’s it.

No health/fitness goals here. I just don’t roll like that.

But that’s why you love me. 😉



2 Responses

  1. what a awesome year leah!!!!!!!!! you’re doing a fab job!!! many many hugs!!!!!!!!

  2. ” finding a new job that’ll pay me what I’m worth”


    Loved the recap. I’m currently catching up on my Google Reader and reading a bunch of these recaps. I’m learning that I’m a sucker for recaps. They’re awesome. Yours is definitely one of my faves 😉

    Also love – The Prodigy!!!

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