I don’t know about you guys but 2009 was a totally draining year for me. A lot of great things happened, but overall, it was exhausting. I’m so looking forward to 2010 and the detox! I’ve been working on it all afternoon!

This week, even though I shouldn’t be doing this, I have been trying to eat stuff/savor stuff that I know I will have to turn down during the detox. This may have led me to eat a string cheese, a cracker with cheese spread, and a sugar cookie, all before noon today.

Don’t hate.

I did get a nice breakfast in!

Eggs + sour cream + hot sauce and half an English muffin + butter.


Oh yeah, there was a fruit leather in there too!


(Food bloggers, do you ever forget you ate something until you see the pic when you upload? Happens all the time to me.)

Lunch was leftover lasagna that landed like a brick in my stomach.


I had an afternoon cup of tea to try and wake up some but it didn’t do much.


Thankfully, I was home shortly after 4 and just vegged for a good hour before starting dinner.

I took an easy route out for dinner (again).

I baked some salmon sprinkled with Creole.


I made Kale Chips sprinkled with Goya and parmesan.


And served up the leftover rice salad from Christmas day.


My belly is sufficiently full and happy.


Post dinner, I had some serious Blackberry issues = giant headache. Seriously, I almost had a meltdown.

To cool me down, So(y) Delicious came to the rescue!


Topped with the cherry sauce from Christmas! YAY! But warmed this time!


I am totally addicted to hot + cold dessert btw.

Just in case you ever have to make me dessert.




3 Responses

  1. YUM! That cherry sauce looks amazing! I got into a soy ice cream kick a few months ago – the stuff tastes just like the real thing. So good! Your salmon looks delish BTW – so simple, yet so satisfying!

  2. I am glad to hear you are excited to start your detox =)
    It should be a great start to an even better year!

  3. Umm…it’s 8:45am here and I’ve already had a sugar cookie. And maybe a lindt truffle :\ I just like to front load my sugar 😛

    “Food bloggers, do you ever forget you ate something until you see the pic when you upload? Happens all the time to me.”

    YES!! Usually breakfast, because I always upload my pics at night and it feels like ages ago since I ate it.

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