Whole Love

There is something I haven’t gotten around to sharing with you guys just yet! For those of you that have been keeping track, today is supposed to be my last day at Nordstrom.

Supposed to be being the imperative part of that sentence.

On the 26th, my  manager asked me to stay on through January. I am assuming it is because we are losing one of the girls in our department and she needs time to find a full time replacement.

I said I would do it.

And I’m happy to. The extra money will be nice. And Jodus is gone for half the month anyway so it will keep me entertained.

But part of me is … well, tired. I was looking forward to having time "off" and getting back into a routine and all of that. Especially with the detox I am planning on doing! That takes more prep work! (Which I have already started somewhat!) I should be getting my schedule tonight so hopefully it isn’t too bad.


Ok, moving on.


I have an inkling that the Indian food may have upset our bodies last night.

I had serious tummy cramping/sharp pains in my abdomen last night.

And this morning, neither of us had an appetite for breakfast.

I reheated leftover waffles and topped them with peanut butter and banana.


And we each only had half of our servings.


And had tummy issues throughout the morning.


It’s really a shame because breakfast (and dinner last night) was really good!


I munched on a couple small pieces of chocolate throughout the morning today… it made my tummy feel better.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I actually feel a bit O.D.ed in the sweets department.

Originally, I had packed up some leftover Indian food to take for dinner today but because my digestive system is a bit off and it may have been the culprit, I decided to abstain and find something else to eat for lunch.

Enter Christina suggesting Whole Foods.

I never turn down a trip to Whole Foods! Regardless of the serious hit it takes on my checking account when I do go.

And I always go to the salad bar.


Today I was good and only got 1.5lbs instead of my usual 2+lbs!!

Please note some special items:

Mac & Cheese


Moroccan zucchini


Roasted garlic


Roasted eggplant




Under all that goodness is even more goodness! Spring mix + beets + edamame + corn + peas + chickpeas + kidney beans + sesame seeds + almond slivers!

And I also got a kombucha.


I’m new to this brand. I usually stick to the Synergy Kombucha’s but this was on sale. Not quite as good, I have to say, but I think it was worth saving a whole dollar.

I only ended up eating half of my salad (all the good stuff) at lunch and saved the rest to be munched through the afternoon and possibly dinner if I managed it that long! 😉

I was treated to a tart from Christina because there was an office birthday today! I ❤ anything lemon!


And I grabbed an almond roca cookie on the way out the door too.



For dinner, I did indeed just finish my salad and I was just fine. I picked all the good stuff out of all that spring mix though. teehee…

Nordstrom’s was full of returns and doing exchanges for other employees so I made nada today which kinda sucks.

And apparently we are getting 2-3 new people in the department? That should be exciting because I won’t be the new girl anymore! HA!

I am looking forward to having the next 3 evenings off! 3! In a row! Can you believe it?! I’m excited out of my mind! I might think about going to the gym too. We shall see!



8 Responses

  1. That salad looks amazing! I wish we had a salad bar around here with all that goodness!

  2. The PB-Banana Waffles sound yummy and that tart is too cute! I bet it tasted as good as it looked!

    🙂 Diana

    PS I’m having an Eat in Month Challenge in January to try to eat in the whole month – http://thechiclife.typepad.com/the_chic_life/2009/12/eat-in-month-challenge—january-2010.html Wanna play?

    • I’ve been thinking about it! We are usually really good at eating in so it isn’t too much of a challenge. But it might be too much on me mentally with my January detox. And Jodus will be out of town for 2 weeks so I know he’ll be eating out!

  3. Heyo chica! I’m glad you’re staying @ Nordstrom’s for a while! Handbags is a killer department so I hope you made awesome money over the Holidays 🙂 Returns suck the life out of your (and your check) for a bit afterwards but there are always ladies looking to buy new bags so you should be good.

    Ughh, detoxing. I so need to, but am so non-commital. What is the plan? I can’t remember if you already linked it or not.

    • I haven’t linked or discussed it in length yet. That’ll be Sunday. But basically, you wean yourself off processed foods, refined sugars, etc. Lots of veggies, fruit, tea, yoga.

  4. Ugh, I totally get how tired you’re probably feeling, but I’m happy you’re excited about staying at Nordstom’s a little longer 🙂 Enjoy your next few evenings off!

  5. I should probably consider less processed food myself. Looking forward to reading up on this Sunday!

  6. wow that zucchini sounds fantastic 🙂
    waffles are the best way to wake up in the morning!

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