27 on the 27th

Happy Birthday, H2B!



Jodus turned 27 today! yeah!

We celebrated by sleeping in until 10am. It was glorious, as always!

We had a very french morning!

I made the boy some pumpkin spice + nutmeg french toast.


We tried out our french press with a little soynog as a creamer.


Mmmm, heart the press!

011 013 014 015

Post breakfast, the boy tore into the presents he had from his sister and mom!

024 026 029

Dad had gotten him the Settlers of Catan expansion pack and Wii Sports Resorts which he opened on Christmas Eve.

And of course, I had already gotten him his gift.


(PS – I love our fridge!)


(Those are old lunch box notes! We like to be extreme!)

For an afternoon snack/lunch thing, we munched on Dad’s salmon ball + crackers.

031 033 

AND we ate over half of it in one sitting.


We did play Wii Sports Resorts for a large part of the day. Around 3pm, we finally decided to get out of our PJ’s and shower!

We went and did an early dinner due to the lack of real lunch we consumed. We hit up one of our old favorites in our old neighborhood!

043 047

I am obsessed with Indian food and the owner of this joint is amazingly awesome. We remember back when this place was a Berkshire Grill. We had our first lunch together there! Awwww! He has since turned into this amazing fusion cuisine restuarant!

059 062

We are amazed at how different the place looks. We hope they can stay in business, the location is not exceptional. 😦

We started with paneer pakora.


(Split exactly equally!)

And then we got Bhindi Masala (okra) and Aloo Mutter (potato with peas).

065 066

It came with basmati rice.


And we split a roti and garlic naan.


My (small) plate:


Plus the breads and a little more rice. 😉


Jodus enjoyed an IPA (or two).


And he got a little birthday baklava!


He was nice enough to share with me!

Post dinner, we hit up the brand new Northgate Regal Theater to catch a Sunday night flick! (Gawd I wish it had been a Saturday instead!)


We saw Sherlock Holmes. I quite enjoyed it. I heart RDJ, Jude Law, AND Rachel McAdams though! 😀

It was amazing to have a date night + lazy day with the boy! I’m a little sad we didn’t go all out but I guess that is the downside to having a birthday around the holidays.

Who am I kidding?! No one would have showed up if we threw something together!



5 Responses


    I just had Indian food for the first time ever about 2 weeks ago. LOVE IT.
    I ate a lot of something with mushrooms in it.
    Sherlock Holmes was really good, but it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, if that makes any sense lol
    You guys should see Avatar – beyond Amazing.

  2. Happy Bee-Day Jodus!!! That’s actually called a “champagne birthday.” Mine was last year – you’ll have to have champagne to make up for it 😉

    Indian food – excellent choice. Nothing beats warm greasy naan bread right out of the oven 🙂

  3. I always heard it called your golden year? Mine was when I turned 6, not so fun. But happy birthday H2B!! It looks like you had a lovely day and look at it this way…not having a big party at home means no mess to clean up and no leftover snacks to tempt you for days!

  4. Hope your future hubby had a great b-day! That french toast would be enough to make my day great personally! (damn gluten!)

    I need to try Indian food again. My one and only experience I got some bad advice on what wasn’t too spicy and I’ve been afraid to try again!

  5. I LOVE indian food! There are so many places around here its wonderful.
    I may have to talk my boyfriend into picking us up some on his way home from work tomorrow since Im not craving it!!

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