Mariah Christmas Eve!

I trust that you are all enjoying your holidays! Christmas Eve didn’t really feel like the Eve of Christmas at all for me, with working and all. And the anticipation you have as a child is sadly amiss in the adult years.

We started the day bright and early! We got to work on making lasagna for dinner along side breakfast!

The saucy business was made with Sweet Italian Venison Sausage + onion + garlic + mushrooms + tomato sauce + a wheeee bit of water.

017 019 020 023 031 034 036

The cheesy business was made with mozzarella, cottage cheese, parmesan, tofu, an egg, pepper, and oregano.

037 039 041

I stuck it in the fridge with instructions for the boy to put in the oven while I was at work.


And of course our breakfast:

 049 052 048

Since it was Christmas Eve and I knew our Christmas was going to be busy, I decided to open my Bloggie Secret Santa gift!

The darling Whitney from Whit’s Getting Fit got me! She hooked me up with some fabby TJ finds! For some reason not all the pics turned out well. 😦

059 061

Along with these two items, I got Almond Butter, Pumpkin Butter, a cute plate, and some hazelnut delights! THANK YOU!!!

If you are curious, my secret santa gift went to April at Food Of April.

For a mid-morning snack at job #1, I ate me some fudge!

066 068

I ended up swinging by the house in between jobs and ate a couple slices of pizza for lunch!


Times that by 2!

Then I worked. Got home around 6.

When I got home, Jodus and I decided to go ahead and do our stockings that we did for each other!

We decided to stick to just stockings for each other this year to help save some cash monies.

Jodus opened his first!

001 002   013015 019023

Then it was my turn! (I scored some sweet stuff!)

025 026 029 031 034 037 039 040041

And Jodus had an overflow bag because he likes to break the rules!

043 047 049 050 051

Mariah Carey’s newest album!

052 053

And her Ballads CD!


And her perfume!!

060 063 069

The most amazing thing ever:

 071 073

Isn’t he so thoughtful?!


I immediately used the little shelf things for some organizing!









Dad showed up shortly after for dinner!

We immediately opened up one of his wine’s!

082 083

And opened some gifts from him!

089 091 093 099 105

We got Dad a bottle of Jaegar!


Then it was finally dinner time!  




110 117115  118 119

The best thing about lasagna?



The rest of the evening was spent with wine + Catan!

123 126 127

I kicked the boys’ butts!

We crashed around midnight. Exhausted but very content! 😀

Merry Christmas Eve!



3 Responses

  1. Your pictures are too cute! Love all the expressions as you open your gifts 😛 Is that a steamer you got?? I want one of those so badly!! We had lasagna on Christmas Eve too – it’s a yummy tradition 😉 Merry Christmas Leah!

  2. Jodus hooked you up! And hmmm the organizers look familiar and so does the wine decantor….And how big are those stockings are you sure they aren’t Mary Poppins magic carpet bag?

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