Ahhh… dudes and dudettes! Sorry for my absence yesterday, it was pure hecticness! (Is that a word?)

Let me REWIND all the way back to Tuesday night.

The boy scooped me some ice cream with a lady finger. It was yum.


We watched The Visitor (very good) and I think we need a new DVD player now.

This old one that I think Jodus bought off craigslist years ago is trying to eat DVDs now. He had to operate to get it out!



Now  we are at Wednesday, Christmas Eve Eve!


Mega quick and easy, I did micro-poached eggs over toast.


These were the most perfect looking micro-poached eggs I have ever made.


However, they were slightly  more cooked than I would have liked.


And of course they were served over a slice of heaven (aka Dave’s Killer Bread).


Work #1 was pure craziness cuz our admin was out on vacation so I was essentially doing 3 different jobs simultaneously.

Don’t worry. I was appropriately compensated!


(Soy misto!)


So good. I had half a salmon fillet and some roasted potatoes which aren’t as good reheated cuz they lose their crispiness.


But still good!

And some steamed brocc on the side.



I left for Nordie’s around 2 and worked until after 11pm! We were BUSY!

I did break for dinner around 6:30 but in my haste, I didn’t take a pic.

Don’t worry, you’ve seen it before. I had the leftover Cuban black beans + rice.

In the absence of a food photo, here is the boy sporting an apron the night he cooked this meal!


Isn’t he darling?

I passed out exhausted last night after my very long busy day. But I loved every minute of it actually. I thrive on being busy and chaos. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. 😉 I made good dough though yesterday! My savings account is looking mighty nice at the moment!



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  1. I’m a fan of adding -osity to words…hecticosity…nice flow, I think! I’m glad you’re blogging, dear; it’s nice to have little virtual catch-up with you each day. Happy holidays to you and yours 🙂

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