‘Tis The Seasoning

It felt rather odd to be home at 4:30 today. Really quite odd.

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.


Google Reader took care of that though.

And I also had a lovely 1 hour convo with my Grandmother.

I’ve been looking forward to this evening… well… for weeks! But especially today. I am exhausted. Drained. I’m excited for bed at a decent hour.

I promise, I’m almost done complaining about my schedule. I know I did it to myself. But you are my sounding board.


I made a quick batch of slightly cheesy scrambled eggs topped with sour cream and hot sauce.


AND… (queue awesome music) dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun…


The Return of The Killer Bread!



Jodus found this at our local COSTCO this past week and bought it and I am SOOOO excited for my Good Seed! This is the ONLY bread that I will eat the heel of! All it needed was some toasting and a pat of buttah and it was fab! I ❤ Dave!


Unfortunately, something about this meal and/or the vitamins I took right after hit my stomach all wrong and I ended up hugging the toilet dry heaving for a good 10 minutes this morning. Gross, I know.

I think it was the pills. I had tummy issues yesterday too. I had stopped vitamins and such for awhile because I was having all my tummy troubles before and started back up last week or two? I think they are the culprit and not another morning-nausea-inducing-disaster.

I made it into work and was swamped. Our division admin is out so I was basically wearing 3 different hats at the office today and I think I managed quite nicely. I had a late morning snack of banana. It got me through.


Hot hot hot!

Last night, Jodus made Cuban Style Beans over rice with a few changes to our previously used recipe. I had him add jalapeno and double the bell pepper, and leave out the corn. I think I had him add some more jazzy spices too like paprika and cumin. Oh, and we were out of pimentos.


Oh lordy it was good.


Tangent: you know how I officially dislike white noodles now? Not true for white v. brown rice. White rice is very yummy. Brown is too. But I don’t think I will ever 100% give up my basmati love affair.

Dessert was courtesy of someone in Jodus’ office that hooked us up with some sweets.


I’ve been seeing these guys in the blogiverse! Pretzels with chocolate and shizz. So yum!

This afternoon, I happened by a cup of cocoa as well.


I planned a really simple meal for this evening. Doesn’t it seem retarded to spend a sacred evening off in the kitchen? I think so. I wanted to relish in my laziness for once.

I roasted up some red potatoes with some EVOO and this jazz:

019 027

And I baked some salmon up with some of this jazz:

020 024

And I steamed some broccoli and sprinkled it with this jazz:

021 023

Jazzy, right? I was all about the easy dry seasonings tonight fo’ sho’.

The potatoes deserve another shot.


Really, the potatoes were all I wanted out of my dinner.

022 028

I just added the salmon and broccoli to round out my meal. 🙂

Evening Agenda:

Watch movie. (The Visitor)

Snuggle with boy.

Bed NLT 9pm.




4 Responses

  1. Boo wordpress ate my comment. I think? My main point of it was that you are 100% to complain about your schedule on your blog. I know I will if I do grad school next year. Hope the tummy feels better!

  2. Found your blog through your comment on The Clean Eating Mama’s site. Look forward to reading more!

  3. Maybe try taking your vitamins at night? I used to do the same thing but now I take mine right before I go to bed and haven’t had a problem.

    Your dinner looks really good. Simple and healthful 🙂

  4. “I’ve been seeing these guys in the blogiverse!”

    Sometimes I’ll find foods I’ve seen on blogs and exclaim “OMG!! I’ve seen this before!!!” at which point Chris will roll his eyes and say, “On blogs?” And then I have to try it, cause it’s my duty as a blogger 😉

    So happy you got a relaxing evening in!!! Honestly, I think you’d be crazy NOT to complain about your schedule!! I just hope you’re holding up okay with all the craziness ❤

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