14 Hours

After being up at 5, working 7-2, 3-10:40, I passed the eff out as the first sight of my bed.


I am really close to being done with this seasonal gig. All in all, it’s been a positive experience and resulting in a nice increase in my savings which will be going to a wedding band for the boy and our honeymoon. I adore a couple of the people I work with. I secretly love the drama in our department. And it is a great company to work for.

Jodus and I have discussed the possibility of me staying on part time, if they wanted me to, and I think I would be willing to do it under a few circumstances such as never working on Sundays so I have one mandated lazy day a week, and maybe only working 2-3 work nights. It would essentially be replacing school.

Speaking of school, I should get my grades today and I am not excited. I was really confident about the final but then our instructor emailed us our final test grades. Eeks. Not so good. I don’t know what the deal is. Oh well. I’m trying not to stress it.

So back to yesterday…


I enjoyed the last of the leftover cranberry orange scones with a dab of butter.


And half a banana.

003 005


Also leftovers, I had BBQ pulled chicken, just straight up, over the last of my mustard slaw.

006 007

Not the prettiest but it was tasty.

I got my Secret Santa gift from job #1! They know me so well! I got a new lunchbox and it was pink and brown!


Insulated lining:


I’m really excited. It’s much more fashionable than my old box!

(Banana did not get eaten today.)


Surprise, surprise! More leftovers! Tilapia + sweet potato.


While quite tasty, this was not really filling. (I was missing my broccoli!) My tummy was yelling at me a couple hours later. But I just worked through it.

Tonight, I am NOT working, and I am SOOOOO excited. I’m thinking bed at 8. Maybe 7:30? I have a quick easy dinner planned, and plans to sit on my butt. It should be grand.




One Response

  1. I can’t wait for this exhausting schedule to be behind us. You’ve been such a trooper through all of it. And it WILL pay off. (hug)

    Is it sad that I’m looking forward to the possibility of being in bed by 7:30? Haha.

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