We are swiftly nearing the last weekend of 2009! Can you believe it?! It feels like so little time has passed since I thought the year 2003 (HS Graduation) was so far away. And now, it seems, with the bat of an eye, we are closing in on another decade.


First thing this morning, we had to run some errands, including a quick stop at the grocery store for a "few" things… one of them being this scone mix:


Total. Impulse. Buy.

Cranberry Orange Scones are my favorite. And we didn’t really have anything planned for breakfast yet so I thought, "what the heck!".

I quickly, and painlessly, made them (while chatting with my mom on speaker phone).

006 008

12 minutes later, they appeared ready.


But alas, were still a bit doughy.


I cut them in half and inserted a dab of butter.

Served up with some OJ and Soy Nog coffee!


Plus a smidge more stolen from the boy’s plate!


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go!


Eaten at the ghastly hour of 3 pm, cranky Leah had some leftover tilapia + sweet potatoes + steamed broccoli.

017 018

Could NOT finish all that brocc.

I also had a ferrero rocher! 😀

(The boy packed it, I could not resist!)


Due to a slight miscommunication about new holiday hours at work, I apparently was working until 9pm when I thought I’d be off at 7 to join the boy for a pizza dinner.

He was a champ on took on the task all on his own.

Our fav: Pineapple + Jalapeno

019 023

And a Veggie + Pineapple

035 037

(Isn’t he cute for taking pictures and everything?!)

I devoured 3 slices at 9:30 as soon as I walked in the door!

It was good, maybe not as good as last time, but in his defense, he followed the instructions I left that said 10-12 minutes, and did 15, but the crust still wasn’t cooked through. Another slightly doughy meal! Good thing we don’t mind dough! 😉

Super cute amazing boy also did all the dishes, cleaned everything up, got coffee ready for tomorrow, and packed our lunches! I’m such a lucky girl!

23 days down of working in a row… 4 more to go, then it is CHRISTMAS! Then work, Jodus’ B-day, work, and Good-Bye Nordstrom’s! It’s been grand, but I’m tired! My feet will thank me.



4 Responses

  1. You ‘dough’ girl. Okay maybe more on the punny then funny side. You tell that Jodus that he is a good man, we’re lucky he came into our lives. It was great talking to you this morning…finally…maybe the longest telephone tag ever?

    Make sure you go to bigoven.com; find a member; TheKitchenWitch (that’s me) and check out some new recipes I posted, Gluhwein and Hot Buttered Rum mix included.

    • Thanks, mother-in-law-to-be!! You’re too kind. I’m really not that great though. I’m just trying to keep up with Leah. 🙂

  2. I don’t really mind having to cook more these days. You’ve made it easy for me by taking care of the planning stuffs. It would be a lot more painful if I had to make decisions on my own. Hehe.

    Needless to say, I really really really look forward to cooking with you again when you’re done with this crazy schedule.

    Much love for you I have!

  3. […] especially excited about Pineapple Jalapeno. Ya’ll know that’s my fav pizza combo! (Obviously, I eat it all the […]

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