In The Name Of Leggings


The boy made me pancakes this morning! (With some soysages!)


Which I turned into pancake tacos!


Twas fabulous!

We spent the entire morning (um, well, besides sleeping in until 10am) in our pajamas, watching shows, interneting…


The other day, I prepped some crockpot BBQ pulled chicken and coleslaw. Today, I finally got to enjoy it on a toasted bun! 😀

003 004 005 006

I’ve made better, but that’s what I get for not looking at any recipes first and just randomly throwing shit together. You win some, you lose some.

I finally showered and got ready for work around 2.

For Caitlin, I decided on sporting leggings for pants again.


(I need a tighter belt!)

I totally dig leggings for pants and was thoroughly amused by the debate on her blog the other day!

Jodus loved me in his shirt!


It was mega comfy…


I packed some taco meat that the boy made the other night with some spinach to turn it into a simple salad.


When I got to the break room at Nordie’s, alas, we were out of forks. I was far too lazy to walk down to the e-Bar so I got creative. I used a spoon and spooned it into the spinach leaves and ate it semi taco style!

I may have also had 2 chocolate cookies covered in powdered sugar.

And a ferrero rocher that the boy packed me.

And finished my chocolate orange from TJ’s when I got home from work.


Don’t hate.

I think that as of today, thanks to the boy, we are done with our Christmas shopping! Yay! We just need to make a trip to the post office, and pick up a card, and we are good!

Are you done with your shopping yet?



4 Responses

  1. SO not done. But I did get a good portion done, so that’s good. And I think the last ones might not happen by Christmas…whoops…because they might be sold out of the sweatshirt I’m getting for Mitch, and I don’t know when I’ll have time to get my dad’s…but I already missed Hanukkah, so late’s late 🙂

  2. Cute outfit, I’m almost done with shopping. Not too many ppl to shop for.

  3. I’m sooooooo glad we’re done Christmas shopping. Woot!

  4. […] kick started my Sunday with the return of the pancake […]

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