Good Fortunes


Last night, I made a batch of 3 breakfast cookies. I must have gotten the ratios off…


A big crumbly delicious mess that I ate with a spoon.

When I got into work, I made myself a cider!


So yum!


Work flew by today… I was leaving early and I’m taking the day off tomorrow so I had a lot to do!

I ate this between answering phones and filing…


Lentil + squash "soup"

I got strange looks from Boss #4 with this one today. 😉

I also got a gift from our Managing Principle!


I was a little bummed that it wasn’t dark chocolate but I’m sure it will still get eaten!


It my haste this morning, I grabbed two containers of the lentil squash stuff instead of something else for dinner. When dinner rolled around, I did not want more lentils. (Beans, beans… the magical fruit… )

I ended up in the food court at the mall. 😦

I opted for Panda Express because I saw their "Wok Smart" dishes.

I got "steamed" veggies instead of rice and two entrees: tofu + eggplant and mushroom chicken.


It tasted fine. Honestly the chicken was my least fav. I could have eaten the eggplant for days. The kinda gross thing though is how much liquid/sauce was left behind and making a mess.


Please note the oil in the "steamed" veggies section. Gross, hu? Even grosser is that I ate it all. 😉

I also ate a fortune cookie!

And now my tummy hurts. 😦

After my shift at Nordie’s, I was welcomed with a box at home from Macy’s!

My mom had called me the other day and told me that they bought our Christmas gift off of the wedding registry so I assumed she had it gift wrapped and it would be in wedding paper.


Turns out it wasn’t!




I’m really excited about having new nice knives!!!

Thanks Mommy and Not Dad! (And Ryan!)



2 Responses

  1. I didn’t know Panda Express had a “healthy-ish” menu…that’s cool…I remember going there in high school with my best friend and chowing down on egg rolls and veggie lo mien.

    Have fun with your new knives! Mine are OK and I swear, having decent knives makes cooking a thousand times easier!

  2. I LOVE the new knives! I can’t wait for my usual sous chef duties to kick back in. Thanks mom-in-law-to-be, not-dad-to-be, and little-brother-#2-to-be!

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