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Dunnn with Chemistry.

Dunnn with school for the time being.


Praise be to God.


I feel really good about my final. Not a single question got the quizzical WTF?!?!?!

That’s really good for me. Usually there is at least 1 question that I totally blow. But not tonight! Tonight, the only thing getting blown is my nose! 😉 (What were you thinking?!)

I am definitely sick. Full blown sick.

Let’s back it up to this morning.


Mmmm good, spicy oats!


Oatmeal made with water + chalula + 2 fried eggs + more chalula.


Made my nose run. Even more than it was before.


Couldn’t stomach it all.


Leftover Salmon Quinoa "Stew"


With yesterdays uneaten steamed broccoli + salt




That’s a lot of food, yo! And you know I ate every last fiber-filled bite of it!

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Our Division Manager at work had a birthday today!

And darling Carole brought in a cheesecake!

Of course I had a slice.


It weighed 2.6 oz. Smallest piece weighed!

(Don’t ask. We were being ridiculous.)


Eaten while not studying before my final, I had the last of the turkey + rice "soup".


I don’t really study. At all. I made my cheat sheet for the final. That was it. That’s how it generally works for me. And I happen to be a great (and very fast) test taker. Dunno how that works but I’ll take it.

Mrs. Claus

I was ridiculously excited when I walked out of the final and it was 7pm. I got gas and was home well before 8! What a concept!

I had a HUGE to-do list for this evening that Jodus’ helped me tackle.

I prepped tomorrow’s dinner (for Jodus, as I will be working.) and packed our lunches.

I also made breakfast.

AND I played Mrs. Claus.

I am currently participating in 3 Secret Santa’s. The first one is "due" tomorrow. So I got that one ready and did my other 2 while I was at it.

I can’t share the deets with you because… well… they may or may not read my blog and I would hate to spoil it. 😉

The second SS project will be mailed tomorrow.

And the third is undetermined as to when we are going to do the exchanging.

But I’m glad to have them all out of the way!

And it is now after 9, my evening is gone. And I’m off to bed.


4 Responses

  1. ❤ spicy oats 🙂

  2. Congratulations on finishing school and feeling so good about the final. You’ll really het to enjoy your spare time after the holidays are over!

  3. Is it weird that I love it when spicy food makes my nose run? It feels cleansing or something! 😛

    Congrats on being done Leah!!! That must be a huge load of your shoulders.

    I mailed my blogger secret santa on Monday. I don’t think they’re going to get it for xmas :\ Stupid Canada-US international shipping.

  4. That turkey and rice soup looks so tasty! Congrats on being DUNNN! 🙂

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