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A Bit Green


I am SO bored with breakfast as of late.

I almost made eggs + kidney beans again because it was so good the first time around.

I also thought about making a Green Monster in an effort to up my green intake today but alas, it is still too cold and dark and rainy for me to be starting my day off with a chilly drink.

I settled for oatmeal instead.


Sans banana (because they were still green) and topped with natural PB and strawberry preserves. I was far too lazy to chop anything or extend any extra effort.


Halfway through this bowl, I regretted not using Susan’s sandwiching technique. 😦


PS – I love using these bowls for oatmeal because it has a lot of surface area and the oatmeal cools fast so I a) don’t burn my mouth and b) can eat it quicker because I am generally in a hurry in the morning.

Also, please note, the boy uses the whole mix it all up method of eating oats.


I am more of a put a little bit on the spoon for each bite kind of eater. I feel like I can taste the toppings more that way? Maybe I’m insane. What’s your method?

[insert H&D Dark Choco Truffle here]


My lunch box was literally stuffed to the brim today!

Loading up on some 5HE’s…


And packed a dinner and a lunch and two portions of greens.


Oh. My. Word. Lunch was fabulous today!


This is the "soup" I made on I made on Sunday (coconut milk, squash, water, lentils, curry, etc). I served it over spinach to amp up on the greens. (I’ve been seriously lacking, I tell you!)


I’m just going to rename this dish Squash Dahl (dhal? daal? dal?) because it really resembled dhal(?) much more than a soup. So that’s what it is. And it is a FANTASTIC use of the squash that I thought was gross as a stand-alone. Epic win on my part.


[insert 5HE here]


Prior to Nordie’s, I showed down on this overflowing (literally) container of rice+turkey "soup".


Again, it was extremely thick and not very soupy. What’s the dealio with that lately? Jodus’ salmon + quinoa stew was not stew-y. My squash + lentil soup was not soupy. And now this. I give up.

Actually, I don’t. I like it thick. But brothy soups are more filling for fewer calories… but only temporarily. Hmm… A conundrum we do have!

I also packed me up some green broccoli.


I know some people dislike the whole plastic steam bag thing, but you can NOT beat the convenience of it. But alas, my tummy was full of thick soup so I saved the brocc for another day.

Feeling a bit green…

Yes, I think I am coming down with something. Thanks to the jerkfaces in my office that come into work SICK and contaminate our environment with their grossness.

My nose is runny.

I’m sneezy.

My throat is itchy/scratchy.

My ear hurts.

I’m dehydrated, regardless of the mass quantities of water I have consumed.

I’m exhausted, though that could be due to the insane amounts of trips I have made to the ladies room (see above) or my very demanding schedule at the moment. Earlier this week, I was thinking I was just tired from work… but now I am thinking it might be something else because I managed to clock in 8+ hours of sleep last night and can barely keep my eyes open.

And wonderful little old me doesn’t get sick time or time paid off at all so I literally can not afford to be sick. I will still be taking a final and working 60+ hours a week even if I am sick as a dog. blech.


Another side note, my best friend right now:


Yeah, my lips are hella chapped. It’s the weather. And this dehydration bit.

OK, I’m done.



3 Responses

  1. I leave my oatmeal toppings on top too. I love how the nut butter melts as I’m taking my pictures of it, so I get a little in every bite. No stirring here! 😛

    I’m not surprised you’re getting sick. Your immune system must be run down from all this work you’re doing!! But hey, Christmas is next week and you’ll soon have the chance to put your sore feet up (and put on chapstick 😉 ) Hang in there Leah!

  2. What? I thought I was your best friend right now. How’d I lose to chapstick? Ouch. J/K.

    Hang in there. You/we are almost through this hectic time. January will be here before you know it.

    Love you!!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I’m feeling sore throat-ish myself. I’ve stayed sick this entire year though…

    I keep meaning to try those steam bags. I bought them. I just neglect to put things in them. lol!

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