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Odds & Ends

Ah, my dears, it is glorious to be home by 8pm! Class was just a review today and I skipped out half way through because it was pointless and at this point in my life, relaxing/sleeping is more important that the difference between getting a 90 or a 91 on my final. Sorry, that’s just how the cookie is crumbling.

I did manage this morning to finish my cheat sheet for the final and leave a little room for last minute notes. Click to enlarge to see my handy work! 😉

014 015


Ok, I am totally digging having kidney beans in my eggs at breakfast! Seriously, you must try.


This was leftover mock-huevos rancheros, topped with chalula, Tillamook sour cream (the best), and cilantro.


This cilantro happens to have only been the only green thing I ate all day today. In my leftover madness, I have conveniently forgotten fruits and veggies in my repertoire. Mental note to change that. 


Full disclosure: I had 4 hershey kisses and a tootsie roll before 10am in an attempt to not fall asleep at my desk.

At the more reasonable hour of noon, I at my leftovers for lunch.

This made me giggle.


Ziploc. el. oh. el.

This happens to be leftover venison stroganoff that Jodus made at the tail end of last week. Remember how I mentioned the sauce was a tad thicker than I’d care for? Here is proof.

Regardless, it hit the spot. Even though I am still no likey the white noodles.

Mid afternoon, I had a snack of Cibo Naturals Pesto Cheese Spread + crackers.


These crackers have an amazing nutty taste. I must inquire as to where father purchased these.

I also helped myself to a Harry & David dark chocolate truffle that one of our associates!

016 017

It was amazing. So I stole one for the road too.


Thanks to my wonderful lover boy, I had Salmon & Quinoa "Stew". And I do use the term loosely because it wasn’t very stew-y.


But it was tasty and filling.

And a stolen dessert truffle!

Wedding Tidbit

Yesterday was the "House Party" at Nordstrom’s where all us hard working employees get a little extra special discount! I decided to take advantage of it to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts and something else for me!


Isn’t this headband cute?


(Um, please excuse my tired make-up-less 6am face.

I’m thinking of using this as my head piece for the wedding! But I’m not sold on it. But it didn’t cost much at all so I think it is worth it to hang on to it!

New Furniture

So this weekend we were given some hand-me-down furniture this weekend!

This was our dining room before:


We have officially retired the crappy wobbly bookshelf on the left and are moving the rod corner shelf elsewhere.

Here are some of our additions to replace them!

2 shelf units:


I wish we were allowed to hang stuff up but our lease agreement doesn’t permit it so we have a big white dining/kitchen area.


These are so much sturdier and functional. I plan to store our wedding china (assuming people love us enough to buy us Villeroy and Boch) on the shelves in the cabinets.

We also got a cute little table with a couple of stools.


Cute Christmas decor:


Ok, I’m off to drink some nog and head to bed! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Stolen chocolate just tastes better…I have the Lindor truffle in my desk drawer to prove it 🙂

  2. I love those shelves/cabinets. They look great.

    Those Harry and David’s truffles are amazing. One of our vendors gives them to my office at Christmas and I would love to eat the whole box. Sadly we each get one and only one!

  3. Good luck on the Chem final. I don’t know who’s more excited to have that class out of the way…..you or me. 🙂

    Sorry the sauce for the venison stroganoff was so thick. I don’t know why that happened. Don’t hate. I’m still learning!

    It sure was a pain doing all the moving but I’m glad we acquired all the “new” bedroom/kitchen furniture. We’ve already put it all to good use.

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