What Weekend?

Another busy day in our household! We started off with a breakfast burrito made with scrambled eggs, bell pepper, onion, and kidney beans.


Then we headed out immediately to go get some free furniture! We spent a good couple hours moving stuff around, getting a u-haul, and so on. We ended up getting a couple of dressers, bed side tables, a cute tiled table with stools, and a couple of shelf units. We are busily putting stuff away still so pictures to come!

Then we went and ran some errands. We stopped at Goodwill, Big Lots, and QFC for some groceries.

When we got home, after 1pm, I got to work on not one, but two soups.

The first one was a classic turkey vegetable soup with the last of our Thanksgiving Day feast. I added frozen peas and corn, some chopped carrots, a few elbow noodles, and a handful of rice. And of course water and chicken broth, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.


The other soup was a curried squash and lentil soup.


I used the leftover ~4 cups of roasted squash from the other night, plus coconut milk, water, cilantro, curry powder, cayenne, tomato paste, green lentils, onion, garlic, ginger, peanut oil.

For lunch, I just had a cup of the turkey soup.


Then we relaxed a little and then I had to head to work.

Before work, like as I was walking in, I ate a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. And that was my dinner.

Dessert after work is a Raspberry Hot Cocoa, complete with Cool Whip!



I’m off to bed. I have a VERY FULL week (or two) ahead of me.

And THEN, I promise things are going to die down and I am going to get back to my posting/commenting ways!

Thanks for sticking with me through this hectic time!




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