Wheat FTW!

Quick quick post!

Breakfast was another solo project but at least I actually cooked something today.


2 eggs and 2 soysages with Huckleberry jam.

[insert Grande soy misto here]

Lunch was (one of my) bosses treat! Taco Del Mar!

015 016

I got a chicken quesadilla with sour cream and guacamole! It gave me gut bomb after though. 😦

Dinner was boy-made venison stroganoff… that I didn’t get a picture of. Oops, bad blogger alert!

Basically, he sautéed onion, venison, mushroom, made a sauce based on turkey broth and sour cream served over fusili. The sauce was a tad thicker than I’d have liked but had great flavor. But ya know? It was weird to eat white noodles! 99% of the time, I buy wheat. But I was at TJ’s and that’s all they had. I didn’t think they were as good! They were gummier. Smooshier. I guess they were fine. I’ve just gotten accustomed to the slightly chewier, firmer wheat noodles!

Tomorrow, I work 9-3 and then we have to hurry to Jodus’ work Christmas party.

While I am gone, he’s going to be a champ and do a little cooking and errands and shizz. But don’t expect a post from me tomorrow. We’ll be back late… and hopefully drunk. 😉 (I’m kidding. Really.)



One Response

  1. Yummy bfast 🙂

    Taco del mar sounds good…I don’t think we have any in Canada though!

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