My Darker Side

I left you Wednesday night, and immediately, I went to go dye my hair.

Erm….. It’s a tad darker than I expected?

Fortunately, I have been blessed with a complexion that can pull off pretty much any color of hair…

Including black.


I’ve gotten tons of compliments. (My hair needed to be dyed quite badly!) I was getting my hair professionally done but with our finances right now, I decided to hold off on any hair cuts or pro color sessions until just before the wedding. Hopefully I can get some good length on my hair for a fab up-do.

Back to our regular scheduled programming….

Breakfast eats:


I slept in a tiny bit and missed breakfast with the boy and didn’t feel like cooking just for myself. Meh, it happens.

Morning snack:


[Insert chocolate glazed Bavarian Cream filled donut here]


The last of the rice and turkey casserole!


Can you believe that we still have leftover turkey to be used up?!

Afternoon snack:


Ever tried opening up a string cheese while driving and wearing gloves?

I don’t recommend it.


The other night, Jodus prepped a bean salad for a work potluck. It was a huge hit. But it was also a huge serving for his small team. Needless to say, we have lots of leftovers… not that I mind, naturally!


(Pic took in the car, salad eaten in the food court at the mall with a stupid flimsy plastic spoon that I wanted to murder.)

After I got home from work, I was starving, but being that it was after 10pm already, I settled for a couple wedges of orange chocolate! 😀

I’m off to another long day!

Happy Friday!



4 Responses

  1. Hmmm. Not so sure I’m a fan of the opening-a-string-cheese-while-wearing-gloves-and-driving thingy. Safety first! Food second! J/K.

    Today makes two mornings in a row I didn’t get to have breakfast with you. Boo.

    I know the color wasn’t what you had in mind, but your hair still turned out very well. (barf warning) You look great! As always. 🙂

    Love ya!!

  2. I like the color, looks great on you.

  3. I like the color too! it looks really nice!

  4. You look fabulous….as always!

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