I’m An Adult


I dragged myself out of bed 10 minutes earlier than usual today, did not turn on my computer, and got out of the house 40 minutes earlier than usual! Love that! I had to go to the bank and gas station before work. I had more than enough time!

To accommodate my rushed start, Jodus and I tag teamed the breakfast effort and made scrambled eggs and toast with Huckleberry jam.



Quite yum, I had leftover fajita fixings on some arugula, topped with a dollop of sour cream!


One of our clients brought in some fudge so I had a piece of each.


The two white ones were too sweet. The chocolate one was perfect!

So I made an Executive decision… actually on Monday… about tonight.

I decided, for the sake of my sanity, and my relationship, I skipped class tonight.

As I discussed this with one of the ladies at work who is fully aware of my current situation, she said, "You’re an adult."

Damn right, I’m an adult.

And I decided that this is what is best for me right now. Class is just a review so I don’t feel like I am missing anything at all. In fact, I took some time, maybe an hour, this afternoon to work on Chemistry. My final is next week and I have no time in sight set aside to study. Oops. I’ll have to do some serious time management.

So anyway, I scooted out of work just after 2 and was home, in PJ’s by 3.

I read my Reader. I watched a couple shows. I farmed.

It was glorious. Exactly what I needed.


So since I originally wasn’t planning on being home tonight, I did not have a formal dinner plan.

I decided that all the squash that we for decoration on Thanksgiving might suffice.

I’ve never, up to this point, actually roasted a full squash. I’ve roasted pre-cubed squash. Not the same thing.


I’ve seen it done a hundred times on other blogs. What’s the big deal?


So I roasted it up after basting it in some olive oil, agave, salt, and lemon juice, like I’ve done with sweet potatoes before.


Um, it was not good.

I had a bite of each.


There goes dinner.

I tried to salvage it by scraping out the innards. I might turn it into a soup or something… with lots of spices.

What did I do wrong, guys?

So we had a make shift dinner instead.

I baked some tofu (smothered in BBQ) and zucchini and heated up the best baked beans in the whole wide world.


This sort of dinner always makes me think of Caitlin! 😀

011 012 013 014

I am going to be enjoying the rest of evening off by dying my hair and watching a movie with my love! Maybe doing a tad more Chem.




6 Responses

  1. Maybe that decoration squash isn’t supposed to be eaten? That’s all I can think of because I’ve roasted squash like you did and it came out great. Hmm…

  2. Good for you, sometimes you need a break. I’m drooling over that fudge too 🙂

  3. Hey honey, that beautiful squash you pictured is decoration squash. Seriously no value to eating. It’s like the difference between field corn and sweet corn. Looks the same but the taste, oh what a diffence.

  4. I’m sorry Leah, but your “decision” kinda made me laugh. I skipped class ALL the time when I was a student. Probably more than I should have, but I still made the Dean’s List and worked three jobs in my last year. Class is overrated 😉

    LOVE the squash-filled dinner!

  5. Words can’t describe how nice it was to have you home last night. Your December schedule is quite challenging (for both of us). I really needed an evening with my wonderful W2B. Great call on skipping class. I think you’ll do great on your final anyway.

    Good effort with the squash. At least you tried. Who knows, maybe the soup idea will work if we end up trying that.

    Nice save on dinner. I thought it was delicious. Love ya!

  6. UPDATE: Leah did an amazing job turning the “decorative” squash into a delicious soup. See her post on 12/13/09. Just thought I’d mention it since she caught so much flack for trying to roast them.

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