How To Stay Warm At Work


Since Jodus missed my wonderful breakfast burrito this weekend, I recreated it for him (and me!).


In Each: 2 Morningstar soysages, TJ’s wheat + corn wrap, 2 scrambled eggs, cilantro, hot sauce, and sour cream.




Delicious! I used a different kind of hot sauce this time and boy could I tell the difference! My poor chapped lips were on FIRE!

After breakie, I battled traffic to arrive at a cold cold office, yet again!

How to Stay Warm at Work

Hot Cocoa and gloves?


Check. And check.

Tea or coffee works equally well but for the chocoholic in you, I recommend Land O’ Lakes Cocoa. 😀

Scarf and pea coat?


Check. Check.



Hellz yes, check!

Adorable desktop?


That’s a heart warmer for sure!

Oh yeah, and I ate a banana! 😉


Leftover turkey and rice casserole!


I love how chewy it is!



I used to love this flavor. Now I find it too sweet. Just in case you are curious.


Leftover shrimp and quinoa.


This did not hold me over worth a damn. My tummy grumbled through the evening at work #2. Some water appeased it a bit but not for long.

When I got home, Jodus was working on a Bean Salad for his potluck tomorrow and I had a couple few bites of that. 😉

It’s only Tuesday? Really?!



7 Responses

  1. Ha, I immediately came to your post when I saw, “How to stay warm at work” … I freeze at work!! I drink plenty of tea and that’s my number one work cold fighter, ha. I wish i could wear gloves but my job is typing so that becomes rather difficult! However, a blanket is something I should definitely include! 😉

  2. Your burrito looks yummy!
    I have a blanket at work but can’t wear gloves because I work on the computer all day. I do coffee because it keeps me warm and makes me stay awake when all I want to do is nap.
    The Cherry Pie Larabar is too tart for me. I REALLY enjoy the cashew nut flavor. YUM!

  3. I need to get some hot chocolate at work! I drink tea all day long to stay warm…and today I’m rocking the scarf. I think if I brought a blanket though, I’d fall asleep.

  4. Brrr, looks chilly! I have my extra sweater I keep here in my office, heater and gloves too. My boss thinks we should all be on her level with the temp upstairs. Menopause is making us all suffer! lmao

  5. Bahaha, that used to be me at the radio station!! It was usually 60F in there. I prefer a toasty 75 😉

  6. Bawhaha, I know yhou think it’s cold but try -26 degrees. No matter what work feels warmer. Seriously, how many people plug their cars in to keep them from freezing. Oh yeah, I have to keep a full tank also or my car won’t start. It is so lovely pumping gas as negative temps…..All in all it sounds bad, but wierdly enough a “dry” cold is so much more tolerable then a “wet” cold.

  7. That breakfast burrito was so darn tasty. Mmmmm!

    Nice to see that you’re holding up ok with all the chilly weather we’re having. I’m glad we designated one of our blankets as your work blanket. Looks like it has really helped.

    Aren’t ya glad we don’t live in Great Falls, MT though? I sure am. I don’t think I could handle -26 degrees (or all the deer on the roads). I don’t know how your mom does it. Hehe.

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