Chilled to the Core


This morning we were graced with the presence of the last pumpkin oats of the season. I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying any more canned pumpkin…


The usual routine: oats + pumpkin + nutmeg + cinnamon + agave + walnuts.


When I got to work, I was delighted to find a 50* office building.

Apparently the building management is a bunch of cheap asses and turned off the heat over the weekend.

I think that is pretty counterproductive though. I’m pretty sure that it costs more to heat the building than it does to maintain it.

Needless to say, we were all walking around in our coats and scarves this morning.

And I tried to warm from the inside out by having a cup of cocoa.


(1/2 pack only!)

No dice.

Tasty, yes. But it didn’t stay hot very long.


Yum, leftover rice and turkey casserole and sautéed zucchini.


I enjoyed it. But for some reason, it did not keep me full at all.

I ended up having a string cheese at some point in the afternoon.


Surprise, surprise! Also leftovers!

This time, I had the shrimp and quinoa.


I am a little disappointed this time around. It lost all it’s he at.

I also ate those crackers + Pesto cheese spread.

And off to class I went. And proceeded to eat another string cheese and a banana.

By the by… it was like 22 degrees out walking to my car after class. I was literally convulsing from the cold. And I think I took off my jacket for a total of 10 minutes today.

And I am the bottomless pit.

I may have also had a piece of chocolate orange when I got home.

And a couple of other chocolates at the office this morning.

And a Tootsie Roll.


I suck.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.



5 Responses

  1. Its the cold that makes you hungry….right?

  2. 50 degrees??!! AHHHHH!!! That is chilly!

  3. Ha! Once on our jobsite in Idaho, the night that the heat went out in our trailer, was also when it was -30 degrees (-60 windchill). It was 32 degrees in our trailer that morning (60 degrees warmer than outside). I walked around with my coat, hat, mittens, and scarf on for HOURS!

    Also, cold does make me significantly hungrier. I sometimes ate my lunch on site by 10am. I suggest PROTEIN!! AND LOTS OF IT!

  4. oh no. I hope you find more pumpkin.

  5. I will miss the pumpkin oats. What a great addition to our breakfast meal rotation. 🙂

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