Woe is my feet.

I did a number to my feet last night.

I was feeling a bit ballsy.

Maybe the whole only-having-to-go-to-one-job-today-thing gave me a little too much confidence in my poor feet.

I mean, I’d only be on my feet for 6 hours instead of nearly 16.

All I wanted to do was try my new Betsey Johnson tights out.


Harmless, right?


These boots killed me by 8pm. And I had to make it to 10pm. You do the math.

And to think! I almost didn’t wear this outfit out of fear of looking like a lady of the night! 😉

Right now, I am missing my foot-rubber to the max. Thank God he’ll be home when I get off work.

As for today? I’m sticking with flats.


And Ibuprofen.



3 Responses

  1. Awww, my poor baby. However, if it’s any consolation, you looked fabulous!

  2. LOVE the tights. But probably not worth the foot pain 😦 I wore my winter boots to work yesterday and it kiiiilled!! Today I wore the ugliest, yet comfiest shoes I own and they’re a little better. Think I’ll take ugly from now on 😉

  3. You looked amazing in that outfit. Sure wish your feet weren’t bothering you so much. I’ll happily be your foot-rubber to the max though. Hehe.

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