Dessert Central

Breakfast was a seasonal favorite, again. Pumpkin Oats!


Oatmeal, pumpkin, agave, walnuts, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon.

001 003


(I didn’t drink that coffee I made myself for some reason! I got distracted, then it got cold, and then I was late. Oops.)

To make up for my coffee mishap, I had another “grasshopper” at work today.


(Coffee + water + white chocolate + peppermint)

Lunch was that yummy soup I made on Black Friday that I never photographed.


Just look at all that deliciousness!




(x2. Well, actually, I had 1 at 10am, then the other for dessert.)

On the drive to class, I snacked on some trail mix (leftover from our Phoenix trip! Eeks!)

008 010

And dinner was more Thanksgiving dinner.


That’s mashed taters + gravy, turkey, and sweet potato casserole.

Exciting, I know.

More dessert given to me by the nice man at the shoe store I stopped in quickly on my way to class:

013 014

Then off to class I go!

I had an exciting revelation in class tonight.

The only things I have left for this quarter is: a prelab, a lab write up, a quiz, and my final! Wheee!

So close to being done.

I tell you. January is going to be a shock to my system after this Nov/Dec season! I will be going from working 60+ hrs a week AND having class … to just my standard 40 hour work week.

And that’s it.

Maybe I will actually hit the gym and start cooking more exciting meals then? 😉

When I got home, I made breakfast (hehe, you will see tomorrow!).

Then I helped myself to a piece of pie after packing my lunch (and dinner).


Pumpkin Pie with a very generous helping of HFCS on top! 😀 (Shh! Don’t tell my friend, Jeff!)

Lady Gaga Bad Romance is on the radio. LOVE IT. I’m off to bed shortly! ta ta!



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