Potaters, Pizza, and Pie

With the two containers of leftover mashed potatoes inhabiting our fridge space, it seemed natural to make mashed potato pancakes for breakfast this morning!


To round out the meal, we had some turkey sausage and grapes.

 017 021 016

It was yum!

We headed into the city to buy some ribbon and pick up Jodus’ race packet for his half tomorrow.

I got a spicy soy chai while we were out and about.


We stopped by Costco and got mass quantities of pantry items to stock up on… three different kinds of beans, pancake mix, tomato sauce…

While we were there, I eyed their take-n-bake pizza’s. I have been feeling like a lazy cook lately! It’s really bad! We got a mozzarella tomato basil pizza.

025 026

By this time, it was 2pm. I have to leave for work at 4:30.  For some reason on the weekends lately I have been finding myself reverting to a 2-meal-a-day routine with maybe a snack.

Today, I enjoyed three pieces of pizza topped with parm and red pepper flakes.

030 031

Shortly after, I had a spoonful of PB to help the hiccups go away. I had a bad case!


I swear I only had the one spoonful. And it did the trick!

Then I went to work. Worked my butt off. Did real good.

And I came home to a piece of pie! Yum!

035 038

Jodus and I are frantically getting things ready for tomorrow’s race. The alarm clock is going off at 5:15am! Eeks!

I’m so proud of my boy!



4 Responses

  1. A spoonful of PB makes the medicine go down? 😛

    Good luck to Jodus today!!!!!!

  2. That pizza looks fan-tas-tic!!!!

  3. Great idea with the leftover potatoes!

  4. Can’t wait to hear how the half went! So cool.

    Oh and Coscto pizzas are pretty much evil amazing goodness in a box. So cheap! Now I want one haha…

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