Re-Creation Begins

You all know how much I love (and rely) on my leftovers.

Thanksgiving is the holiday for me. Our fridge is stuffed with tupperware filled with goodies to be enjoyed over the next week.

This morning (at 10am!! Eeks!), I started us off with a frittata.

I sautéed red bell pepper and mushrooms leftover from yesterdays veggie tray and added some diced asparagus.


Plus 5 eggs and voila!


Oh, and i put a little bit of the pesto cheese spread in it too but you couldn’t taste it… only smell it.


We spent the morning lounging around. Around 1ish, I mustered up the energy to through together a salad… well, it was the last of the salad from last night (spinach, feta, walnuts, craisens) and I added some diced turkey and cranberry sauce.


It was fabulous. (Loving the natural light btw!)


Jodus and I also worked on the last of the salmon cheese ball.


I probably only had 3 crackers worth… I think I am still full from yesterday.

We spent some time this afternoon putting up our few little Christmas decorations and lights that wouldn’t stay put.

009010011 012 013015016

Yeah, that’s pretty much all the decor we have. Sad, I know. But we can’t justify spending money on it right now.

Best part of today?


Oh yeaaaaaahhhhhhh! My fav!

I spent the entire day working on making some stock from the turkey remnants.

Look at the stock and (tons of) meat I got from this project! Yay!


I immediately put some of it to work on a quick batch of soup.

I used this packet we had for the last year (!) that we got for free.


(Click to Enlarge)

It’s a Chicken Southwest Chili. I decided to make it brothier (doubled the broth and water) and I also added corn and cilantro and obviously used turkey instead of chicken. Oh, and I didn’t have any green chilies either.

And somehow, I did not snap a pic of the final product! Oops!

Starting at around 6:30, I started to go back and forth on what to do for dinner since I had intended the soup to be leftovers. I decided that I just flat out wasn’t hungry.

(I did have a handful of mixed nuts and cherry tomatoes!)

So around 8:30, I decided to eat my "dinner."


Oh yes, hot apple pie with soy ice cream!




Thank god this is the only apple pie we have left. But we have nearly an entire pumpkin pie still to be had. (We did share one piece last night with some cool whip!)

Tomorrow is a task day and then work from 5-close! I think we are still closing around 9 which means I will be home around 10. Then Jodus is running is 1/2 marathon on Sunday! Whheeeeeee!




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  1. I love leftovers too!! Unfortunately I don’t have any this year! (Ha, but it’s a good thing I don’t have a bunch of pie :s I would definitely want to eat it all)

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