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Gobble, Gobble!

231 pictures on my camera right now. Oh lordy. Brace yourselves!


First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am really thankful for the opportunity to spend the day in the wonderful presence of my family, great food, a warm home, and now, a very full belly!

This morning, we started the morning off with a bowl of pumpkin oats.

001 002

1 scant cup of oatmeal, 1 3/4 cup vanilla soymilk, 1 cup canned pumpkin, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/8 tsp cloves, sprinkling of chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and a spoodge of agave!

003 004

So yum and a great filling breakfast to stretch out our stomachs for today’s feast keep us full til turkey.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee with mine!

006 007

And then we buckled down on grub. I think I am just going to stick with chronological order so you can get the full effect instead of separating it out into different dishes, how’s that?

Let’s rock n’ roll!


Peeling Sweet Potatoes

I did not do hair and make-up today. At least I have a seksi apron to make up for it.


Chopping Sweet Potatoes


Resembling a bobble-head.


Boiling Sweet Potatoes


Peeling Carrots


Zee Turkeeeeyyyy


Making stock…


Chopping carrots


Prepping the bird

022023 024025 026027

More to the stock


More bird work

030031 032033

More stock

 035 036

Garlic to stuff the bird with


And herbs


And the shoving begins!

043 044 046 047 048 049 051

Cover with some oil, sprinkle with salt and paprika.

055 056 058 060

Two thermometers for good measure!

066 067

2 cups of water in the bottom of the pan, cover the bird, bake at 325*. It took just under 4 hours to get up to ~175*.

Mashing sweet potatoes. I used a Bella Eats recipe.

068 071 073

The carrots are all chopped and pretty!


Sweet potato casserole in the works…


It’s noon somewhere! These were for Jodus and Dad!

078 079

My poppa! (I get the bobblehead look from him!)


Working on the sweet potato casserole toppings: flour, brown sugar, etc.

083 084085

I forgot the nuts so I just sprinkled them on top!


Time to get to work on the mashed potatoes!

088 091

And season the carrots for roasting.


Then I started on Angela’s Raw Vegan Brownie Bites she featured on KERF forever ago!

096 098 099 100 101 102 106 109 110 112 113

Boiling potatoes and simmering stock

103 104

Prep a veggie tray with hummus and pesto cheese spread

115 116 117 118 

More snackypoos

119 123

Dad’s contributions (and the salmon ball, above. and two bottles of wine. and a jar of pickles.)

120 121 122

Jodus and I pretty much annihilated the salmon cheese ball!


We had some down time so the three of us played two games of Settlers of Catan… I won them both. 😀

130 132 158

There was frequent checking on things…

142 146 150

And I had a bottle of hard cider while we played.

154 155

Then more family arrived and things came together nicely!

169 172 176 178 177

Dad was in charge of gravy.

179 180 181

We finished the potatoes by adding some roasted garlic and butter and shizz. 

182 187

Finishing products…

188 189 191192 193 195 196 197 201 204 205 206 207 208 209 203

We enjoyed Dad’s wine at dinner.

212210  213 214

Dad, Aunt Steph, Oma, Allissa, Jodus!


My Plate:


The goods up close and personal:

Spinach Salad with walnuts, craisens, feta, and Montana dressing.


Eating Well Chili Roasted Carrots


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy


A Cranberry Wine Sauce made by a coworker.


Rice Stuffing, made by my Aunt.


Sweet Potato Casserole


The desserts:

223 226

I haven’t had any… yet. But we dished some out to others and to take home.


I ate too much.

Intuitive eating? Pssssssh.

I had one brownie bite, a few devilled eggs, my plate, lots of salmon ball, a handful (or two) of veggies w/ hummus or cheese. You only live once. 😉

It’s 8:30. Everyone has gone. We are watching a movie. We’ll probably have pie. It’ll be delicious.

I truly hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Day 2009! Many more to come! I think that my first was rather successful! It helps that it was a small party! It was great to see my family again! I don’t think that happens enough! Christmas Day will be our next meeting.



6 Responses

  1. Great spread, you did a fabulous job on the Turkey too! Happy Thanks giving to you!

  2. Holy moly, that’s an awesome looking spread. Props to you for tackling it. I’m actually particularly eying that salmon ball, I would have attacked that too 😉

  3. Leah, it looks fabulous!!!!!!! I knew you could pull if off. Wish we were to together. Enjoy all your leftovers, I think I have about 18 lbs of turkey left….

  4. Everything was to die for. Soooooo goooooooood. Mmmmmmm. I am one lucky H2B that’s for sure. I didn’t even think the dishes were that bad. Great food. Great company. And a four day weekend. Woot!

  5. […] our round 4-top table in the guest bedroom and pulled out the folding table we bought for hosting Thanksgiving dinner last year! It worked out nicely and gave us a bit more elbow […]

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