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The Late Show

It’s been a busy and long day for me! That’s becoming the usual!

I started off with reheating leftover veggies scramble from this weekend, topped with hot sauce!

001 002

When I got into work, one of the advisors had just gotten back from a Hawaii vacation and brought in 3 boxes of these amazingly wonderful chocolates with macadamia nuts!


I had waaaay too many throughout the course of the day! Like I actually lost count! oops! Guess that makes up for not having lunch yesterday. 😉

Lunch today was the leftover salmon casserole, eaten at my desk.


It was pretty good. The best bites were the ones of cream cheese! 😀

Dinner was also eaten out of tupperware in the school cafeteria!

Leftover stir-fry from last night!


And an array of snacks to get me through the evening.


I am beginning to realize that I am a huge boredom eater. Class was boring and I plowed through all these snacks (except the banana) but there was a hitch.

Yesterday, when we went to PCC, I impulse grabbed the Pumpkin Pie Clif bar and was mega excited to try out the flava. But alas, I got an unexpected surprise.


Do you see that?


It’s a hair!


Like IN the Clif Bar!


I tried to pull it out.


It just curled. Barf.


But I’m gross and just ripped off that part and ate it anyway.

It was a little sweet. And I was kind of grossed out. So I couldn’t really enjoy it.

Don’t hate.

I’m off to bed. I popped a multivitamin + vitamin C + Ibuprofen in hopes of warding off an ear ache… my right ear has been bothering me all day.

Tomorrow is work… then work! 😀 I’ll be gone from 6:30a-10p. Eeks! My bags are packed and I have a comfy outfit picked out that includes a new top! I’ll show it off tomorrow! 😀


6 Responses

  1. I hear ya with the busy and long days!

    Ha, yeah, that hair stuck in your Clif bar is quite disgusting! But I guess it happens? haha. (don’t blame you for eating “around” it … depending on my mood, I would have done the same).

  2. Send those pictures to Clif! Maybe you’re get a free (and hopefully hair-free) box 😉

  3. I agree. Send ’em in and let us know what happens!

  4. Ditto on sending Clif a link to this blog! That’s kind of…really bad for them. Funny for you though! Makes for a good story.

  5. Grossssss! And I was about to eat my LUNA bar, now I’m kinda scared. lol

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