Today was my first day on the floor (very exciting) but I was just job shadowing. The first few hours were still in the class room going over a few more things with the register then I hit my department and met a couple of the folks I will be working with! Yay!

But let’s rewind.

5:45am = Breakfast

2 fried eggs and a piece of toast with Wild Huckleberry Montana Jam.

 002 003 001

Perfectly cooked eggs!


This morning at work, I made myself a mocha with 1/3 of the packet of cocoa mix, 1/2 cup coffee, 1/4 cup hot water… x2.


I left work at 1 and met Jodus for lunch at the Bistro in Nordstrom’s! I hadn’t eaten there before so I thought it would be a good thing to try so I can recommend it to shoppers, of course! And boy was it yum!

I ordered the Artichoke Chicken Salad with Goat Cheese.


It was fabulous.

Jodus got the Club Sandwich with fries that came with this amazing olive dip. Naturally, I stole some fries! 😀


And then bad blogger set in.

During training, maybe around 4? I had my banana.

Luckily, you know what a banana looks like.

I hit the floor around 4:30 and didn’t let up until nearly 7:30 for my "dinner" break.

I ate a bag of (green) grapes.

You know what those look like.

And a string cheese.

Again, you know what that looks like too.

Then I had a tropical fruit tart Larabar.

You know what a larabar looks like as well, I trust.

It was my first time with the tropical fruit and I quite liked it! Maybe because the date flavor wasn’t as strong as some of the other flavors?

On my way out the door at 9:15, after a 14 hour work day total, I ate a Ferrara Rocher. 😀


Managed a picture of that one. 😉

And now, my wonderful H2B is rubbing my apparently smelly feet.

I’m one lucky $&@*#.

And tomorrow I am going shopping for some SHOES.




One Response

  1. Ferrero Rocher = LOVE. So good.

    I actually have no idea what a Nordstroms is because it’s an American chain. But sweet deal on the good restaurant in there!! I’ll have to look for the tropical Larabar next time I’m at the grocery store, maybe they have it now!

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