I’m rather stressed this week, with adding the new job. And hopefully, it won’t usually be this stressful but this week there is training during the days which conflicts with my regular day job and I know that my bosses don’t particularly mind but it just stresses me out. I don’t want it to interfere. Today is more training, 2-6, which means I need to leave work around 1ish to get there in time. I’ve packed a big lunch with snacks because dinner is also going to be later than usual since I probably won’t get home until close to 7. And I need to go to Costco tonight I think for my drugs.


Ok. I’m done.

Breakfast was boring.


A piece of toast with peanut butter and 1/3 of a banana.

I’m thinking that it is going to be pretty much impossible for me to do the typical 3 post a day thing for the time being. So expect things to be a little more sporadic. I think it will ultimately help my stress level if I "allow" myself to not stick with what I’ve been doing. Things change. 🙂 But this should only be temporary.




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  1. Boring often = delicious 🙂 Hope your day goes well! Just think that what you’re doing now is worth it AND temporary. Plus, life is always easier when you have a huge bag of snacks with you 🙂

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