Psychosomatic Addict, Insane

Name that song?


I think that it might be sinking in just how crazy the rest of my year is going to be. Maybe.

Today, I’m at the office 7-4 then school 5-9.

Tomorrow is the office 6-1, Nord’s 2-6.

Friday is the office 6-1, quick lunch date with the boy, Nord’s 2-9.

Saturday is Nord’s 8-5.

Sunday is Nord’s 11-3 then Thanksgiving Day grocery shopping!

Somewhere in there I also need to cook and eat and bathe. (Priorities in that order. 😉 )

This morning was an exciting jar of oats morning.


Except I don’t think I am loving using these huge Costco jars.


My spoon gets all yuck and it is hard to get to the bottom.


I actually couldn’t finish this so I am taking it to work to munch on later. We’ll see how that works out.


Now that I cooked, and ate, I can now bathe. 😉

It’s Hump Day Already! 😀

How is your week shaping up?



One Response

  1. Oh that’s totally on the tip of my tounge…but I can’t think of the song! That’s going to bug me 🙂

    This week is crazy for me because the magazine publisher I’m working for is getting ready to launch the first issue so all her deadlines are becoming my deadlines. I’m trying to take it all in stride because I know things will get a lot more crazy when I attempt to throw school into that mix, so I’m looking at this as practice!

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