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Ahhhh, I can not tell you how amazingly different my day today was from a week ago! Today I was busy for 5 solid hours working with the other team in our office and it was such a nice change of pace than staring at the computer and obsessively refreshing my Google Reader! 

Around 9, I finished off my oatmeal and got some strange looks from coworkers for eating out of a huge jar! 😀 But it was tasty!

I may have had a miniature box of Milk Duds around 11… like really mini. There was only 4 duds in the box. Perfect size!

Lunch was eaten around 1. I had leftover Venison Stewy Stuff with some orzo.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

I. Don’t. Like. Orzo.

The only reason I made some last night was a) we were out of spinach, b) we had just a small amount left that I wanted out of my pantry for good! To me, orzo is just small slimy gross yuck. It’s not chewy like rice. It usually ends up just falling down the back of my mouth. I want to taste and chew and enjoy my food. It just frustrates me. I’d rather have Israeli Couscous for a small pasta instead.

/orzo rant.

Around 2, my boss gave me 1/3 of her pear. Yum!

For this afternoon/evening at class, I have packed enough food to feed a small army… aka me… for the rest of the day.

Here, you see the soup I threw together last night, a lara bar, some Mary’s crackers, Tribe hummus, and a Ferrera Rocher for dessert! I’ll probably eat it all. My appetite has been ferocious. Maybe because I am more active at work? Even if it is just a little bit more walking around, getting up and down, and being on my feet, I think it makes a difference.

What foods do you just flat out don’t like for reasons that may not make sense to others?

5 Responses

  1. Eggplant is on my list, as well as wasabi. I LOVE sushi but HATE wasabi.

  2. I don’t like cheese but I’ll eat it on pizza. I can’t explain this really, becuase I won’t do lasagna or chicken parm which is also starch/tomato sauce/cheese based. Oh but I like cheese its and goldfish crackers. So it makes no sense to others (although the only one who outright complains about it is my BF!) but it’s how I roll 🙂

  3. Carrots. I wish I loved them but I don’t, the texture and the way they crumble in your mouth FREAKS ME OUT.

  4. I don’t like canned pumpkin. I think my dislike may be turning into an irrational fear. The thought of the orange mush just makes me squirm :\ I also reeeeally don’t like whole milk and heavy creams – which translates into ice cream. People think I’m a crazy person when I tell them I don’t like ice cream (especially soft serve!). But I DO like frozen yogurt 🙂

  5. I like the taste of coconut and I will eat some things with coconut (like that Larabar for instance) but other things with flakes sprinkled on top like coconut cake or coconut cream pie is a huge NO! I just really don’t like the texture of coconut. I can only eat it if it’s blended into something else.

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