Monday Madness!

Hi hi hi!

It has been a crazy day! Miss me?! 😉

Breakfast was quick and then I pretty much ran out the door. Since I have to take tomorrow off for training at Nordie’s, I am putting in some extra hours to make up the difference which means I had to get in early because staying late isn’t an option with class this evening.

These next 2 months are going to be insanely busy for me. But it’s a good thing.

Shredded Wheat + Vanilla Soymilk eaten at 6am.

Banana at 8am.

Fruit leather at 10am.

Lunch (Leftover Red Beans & Rice over spinach) at 1pm which just about killed me because I am so used to eating at noon on the nose!

Packed dinner + snacks: leftover baked potato soup + Bear Naked Granola Bar + String Cheese

Today has been crazy crazy! I stayed busy all morning which was a great change of pace. Made the time fly by! And I’m off again!




3 Responses

  1. What a crazy busy day! That potato soup sounds so yummy! Hope your night is going well!

  2. Well I’m happy to see you are at least still eating well while so busy!! That can be hard sometimes! I find I actually thrive best when crazy busy. I worked 3 jobs while doing university full-time!

  3. This was definitely a manic Monday for both of us. Whew. I think mine was busier though…….I mean, I had to harvest both our FarmVille crops. It was almost too much. 🙂

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