Lots-O-Leftovers + Challenge Updates

I am such an idiot. So I have this new situation at work where I am splitting my time: I’m cutting down to part time with my original boss (to help him out financially, basically, and there isn’t really enough for me to do to stay busy most the day) and picking up the extra hours part time with a different team in the office.

Today was my first day with the other team for a few hours and it happened to be 11:30-2:30.

I quickly ate my lunch beforehand then worked with the other team then basically had to run out the door to my interview. It’s kinda crazy, I know.

In my hastiness, I left my lunchbox, with had my camera in it, at work.

So that sucks.

No camera this weekend.

We have another camera. But it sucks. Totally.

So you get Blackberry pictures! 😀

(BTW – I had a sample size Think Thin bar at 9am, I had leftover Asian-inspired shepherds pie for lunch then a string cheese at 2:30.)

Then I headed off to my interview which went well but we shall see. It would just be through the end of the year, just a seasonal gig.

After I got home and dinked around a bit, Jodus arrived, we ate leftovers for dinner too!

I had the leftover Not-Portuguese Chicken with basmati and a side of peas.


Remember, there is no such thing as portion control with veggies! 😉

Then we went grocery shopping. But we stopped for a misto to share on the way in. 😀

We bought a lot of shizz. I would have taken pictures but … it’s kind of a pain in the toosh. This is going to be a minimalistic picture kind of weekend. Good thing we didn’t have anything fancy planned!

Anyway, groceries. As you know, I am doing the grocery challenge and we have vowed to spend under $200 on groceries this month.

Um, yeah, I doubt that will happen but I am going to try my darndest.

Tonight’s groceries (+misto) brought our monthly total up to $126.47. BUT I am debating on whether we should include the $9.99 can of coffee we had to buy for Jodus’ work. What do you think? We also have a $40 turkey ordered at PCC for Thanksgiving.

Update on the POTM Challenge, obviously I have not worked out once this week. There is no excuse. I’ve been sucking. I’m at walking 8.75 miles and Jodus has ran 32.03 miles! Two weeks until his half!

Ok, I’m done. I apologize in advance for the significant lack of pictures this upcoming weekend.

Got any big plans?

PS! We had a crazy hail storm here tonight!!



3 Responses

  1. Hang in there girl, it’ll all come together. I’m attempting to relax but Have things to get done like clean and it’s everyone’s birthdays this weekend. Dinner, lunches.. many food babies to avoid. lol

  2. Hmm…I wouldn’t count the coffee in the challenge. But I’m also a known cheater 😛 It would be especially hard to keep it under $200 if you had to buy things like protein powder that month…that would be a good chunk of the budget!

    Don’t worry about the camera sitch, I’m sure even your balckberry pictures will look crazy delicious 🙂

    This weekend? Well, it’s 6:14 am and I’m at the office reading blogs. So yeah, there’s my weekend right there 😛

  3. I would not count the coffee…that is an office requirement, perhaps even job security? Your holiday meal is also not part of a monthly food budget, it’s a special occasion, so don’t count the turkey either. Need anymore support for spending more money…you know I’m here for you.

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