Is It Friday Yet?

Even I am impressed by my moodiness right now. Poor Jodus.

Breakfast was quick and easy (per usual) because I savored every last moment in bed.

2 fried eggs, over easy.


A slice of Rudy’s Organic toast with Montana Chokeberry Jam.


And it was perfectly satisfying.


So the possible opportunity I mentioned early looks like it isn’t going to pan out. The more I learned about the position, the less interested I became. It was with an athletic club in the area and at first I thought it would be more on the marketing side but it turns out it is more on the sales side and the expectations were ridiculous. There were things I liked and disliked about my previous sales job and the things I disliked seemed to be amplified in this position. Anyway, upward and onward. I have a phone interview for something else tonight and am working on another food related opportunity as well and am pretty sure I at least scored an interview in some familiar territory. We shall see.



3 Responses

  1. i had a friend who worked in sales at a health club and the pressure was insane. he had to sell like 70 memberships a week! ahh i could NEVER EVER do that.

    something else and better will come up!! good luck

  2. Chokeberry Jam? It sounds violently delicious. I will look for it. ;D

    Good luck to you on that food related opportunity! ((crossing fingers))

  3. Breakfast was great. Thanks again! Sorry your commute to work was so incredibly horrendous. 😦 I still can’t comprehend what happened. UGH!

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