What got me out of my morning funk?

Dropping waaay too much $$$ on a birthday gift for my beloved that was meant to be a surprise but he ruined. BUT it is a fabulous gift that I get to enjoy with him and am really excited about. Now I just have to wait 7 months and 10 days for us to enjoy it!

Also, wonderfully fantastic possible news about a possible job opportunity but I am not getting my hopes up about it even though it sounds SUPERB. Details to come if all goes well! (You’d be proud, I promise!) And thank you, thank you, thank you all on your support about my recent life decisions!

Ok, enough of that blabber!


I had a cup of cocoa this morning to warm me up.

Christina was jealous. She said it smelled like butterscotch!

By 11am, my stomach was rearing it’s ugly head. I’m surprised it took that long due to the pitiful size of my oatmeal bowl this morning.

I didn’t want to break into lunch yet so I just ate a string cheese.

Question. When you eat string cheese, do you string it or do you just chomp on it like a regular old cheese stick?


Lunch was leftover ragout.

And I hella scored with aquiring a piece of kalamata bread from one of the lovely ladies in my office! Booya!

It went perfect with soup!

Ok! Now that my frown is OFFICIALLY upside down, I’m gonna peace out, girl scouts!



3 Responses

  1. Crossing fingers on the job for you! I love pulling my string cheese apart!

  2. Ha, don’t you hate it when big surprises like that get ruined?? Ugh!

    Good luck on the job opportunity!!

  3. You’re absolutely amazing! I love you with all my heart. I don’t know how I’ll be able to wait over 7 months for our belated celebration of my birthday. It will be so worth it though. You’re the best!

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