Scrabble + Spaghetti + Syrah Saturday

Hi loves!

Here was our afternoon.

034 035

We did manage to shower around four… and then we got back in our PJ’s! 🙂

We made some spaghetti for dinner! Yum! While we worked, I cracked a bottle of wine for the first time in FOREVER.

041 046 049

Like mother, like daughter! 😉

We even pulled out some wine accessories for the occasion!


This is a deliciously smooth (and cheap!) wine, in case you were wondering. Ok, on to dinner! 😀


Started by chopping an entire head of garlic and one onion.

037 056 058 061 

Sautéed those in some EVOO. (Ignore the black specks, that’s just burnt garlic.)


Then add some meat given to you by your fabulous parental units.


And some chopped mushrooms.

065 068

We like our sauce thick and chunky!

I drained all the juices out.

069 070

To do something a little different this time, I reconstituted some sundried tomatoes, chopped them, and added them to the sauce.

059 066 067

Then I added a jar of sauce, a can of diced tomatoes that was very well drained.


Mix it all up, add salt and spices to taste.

(This plus a whole pack of noodles made 7 decent size servings, btw.)

Grate some parmesan.


Serve over whole wheat noodles and lots of wine. 😉

072 073 074 075 076


077 078

I am sure that more wine and possibly some Hemp Ice Cream will be in the near future. 😀 And definitely more Scrabble!



7 Responses

  1. Dinner looks tasty. Didn’t know a chopper could be so handy. I love how it minced the garlic and onion so fine. I honestly never knew!!

  2. The parm looks like snow! hehe

  3. That sauce looks sooooo good!! And is that a slap chop I spy?

    I love days where I’m in my peejays well into the afternoon, then shower to only get back into them again 🙂

  4. Scrabble, PJs and great food …. I love it!

  5. Nertz? Who uses that word, I wasn’t even sure it was a word till I looked it up, Jodus word I’m persuming? BTW glad I’m such a positive influence on you…I stayed in my jammies all day too, but I was cleaning house.

    • Uh, yeah. Nertz is another example of when Leah or I (I’m more guilty of doing this than she is though) arrange our tiles in a way that we think we might possibly have a word….then look it up to see if it’s actually in there before laying it down on the board. It’s not the proper way to play, but helps keep things moving along. Otherwise, Leah would go absolutely crazy waiting for me to take my turn. LOL.

  6. What a terrificly lazy weekend. Awwwww, I miss it already. Scrabble, PJs, great food and wine……does it get any better?


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