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One Point Five

POTM Challenge Update

Yesterday after I left work, I ate an Endure Glo Bar, around 3:30.

I changed at work and when I got to school, incredibly early due to significantly light traffic, I was excited to pound out some miles on the treadmill!

I managed 1.5 miles before my foot started to hurt. 😦 Not sure if it was because I was a) wearing different shoes, b) walking on a treadmill instead of outside, or c) because I was walking at a faster pace than Sunday’s walk. I had plenty of time to do more but I didn’t want to push it.

Anyway, that brings this week up to 4.5 miles already and my goal of 10 miles seems totally achievable!

After the walk and a bit of studying, I slowly munched on my soup, around 5pm, 1.5 hrs after my last snack!

Then I ate my string cheese around 6:30, another 1.5 hrs after my dinner!

And we got out of class at 7:30!! Yay! Well, our instructor was losing her voice so that’s no yay but it was nice to be home by 8pm!

Jodus and I dinked around on Mint.com, got depressed about our Net Worth and then hit the hay. Light’s Out by 9pm!

Spicy Oats

You guys know the drill with this stuff by now, right?

1 cups oats, 2 cups water, lots-o-hot sauce, 2 eggs on top!

005 006

Does anyone else see a smiley face?!


This is what happens when the boy gets a hold of the camera in the morning:

003 004

Me grumpy.

Him crazy.

And with that, I depart thee.



5 Responses

  1. Your egg is smiling! Neat! My husband likes to take pictures of me when I’m grumpy and tired too! Or when I wake up from anethesia. lol!

  2. Ohmygosh, I had spicy oats for breakfast too! Great minds think alike 😉

    I have soooo many pictures of Chris and I making those same faces…

  3. I signed up for Mint and I don’t really get it. Like, how do I use it for budgeting (by BIGGEST problem). I guess I need to play around with it some more.

    • We just set ours up yesterday and set up a budget under the “Planning” tab. I’m curious to see how it will pan out but since it is the beginning of the month and we are just getting started, I’m not sure exactly how it will all work out. There are some features I really like. For example, I get my hair colored every other month. Let’s just say it’s $100. I can set a “Budget” for Personal Services – Hair for $100 every 2 months and it will “save” $50 a month for me to cover my Hair expenses. Obviously, it doesn’t have a savings account that it automatically puts it in or prevents you from spending it but it allocates those funds and tells you what you “have left”. I am planning on doing this and then maybe doing a review of it after our first month or two to see how it actually works. But I am loving the idea of it.

  4. Geez, thanks for throwing me under the bus. LOL. I think I’ll resist future temptations to take photos in the morning. You’re pretty effective at training me.

    Breakfast was delicious, BTW.

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