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Mini Muffin Monster

This morning, I was stuck on a web-conference call for over an hour with technologically challenged individuals. I wanted to shoot myself. Instead, I ate a fruit leather and scowled.

Lunch made me think I was doing a trial run for Thanksgiving day leftovers.

Leftover roasted turkey chicken, 1/3 of a  sweet potato, and delicious bacon-y but gross looking asparagus.

The last couple bites were amazing, scooping up gravy, potato remnants, and bacon! Yum!

But alas, I had a sweet tooth that could not be ignored. Lucky me, there were mini muffins leftover from a big wig meeting this morning!

I immediately helped myself to a chocolate one.

It wasn’t very good.

So I had to try the other flavors while I was at it.

One was a cinnamon-y one with struesel topping (yum) and the other was a lemon-y blueberry (mega yum)!

Now I just have to stay away from the box for the rest of the day… though there is another flavor I have yet to try… hmm.. looks like banana nut!

At least they are mini, right?


5 Responses

  1. Not fair! You get dessert and I don’t?!

    I really enjoyed today’s….leftovers for lunch….(teehee). It sure did hit the spot. Mmmmm.


  2. I love muffins with strusel topping like that! Good choice!

  3. I can’t resist mini muffins!

  4. I make that face whenever I’m on conference calls too. And webinars…shoot me…

  5. Now THATS an awesome lunch. I love the smell of cooked sweet potato= heaven. I’d nab several of those cinnamony muffins!

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