A Challenging November

This morning, daylight savings was my friend. Not only was traffic so much better, the view was breathtaking. It really brightened my spirits!

My little camera and a moving vehicle from the freeway really doesn’t do this sunrise justice.

Lunch was decent. I had leftover tofu cocounut stirfry that desperately needed salt.

And dessert was a small slice of pupmkin loaf that a coworker brought in! Yum!

Dinner/Snacks for the rest of the day:

Sweet Potato Peanut Bisque + String Cheese + Banana + Glo bar + 5HE.

I doubt I eat all of this but at least I am prepared! 😉

I’ve decided to add another challenge to my month of November! As you know, I have signed up for the Pile On The Miles Challenge that Caitlin + Bobbi are heading up and started it off right with 3 miles yesterday.

After reading a few blogs this morning and discussing with the boy, we have also decided to participate in the Thanksgiving Challenge that Kath started last year and Emily is spearheading this year! Meghann and a number of other bloggers are also participating!

Jodus and I have set our limit to $200 this month for groceries + dining out + alcohol. This is about $50 p/wk, probably half of what we usually spend! We are also hosting a small Thanksgiving as well so I have to budget for a Turkey in there too!

I am thinking that most of the $$$ will be spent on fresh produce! I think we have plenty of meat in the freezer, canned + dried goods, fridge full of beer, full wine rack, etc to keep us well fed/drunk for the month! It’ll be good to clean some of it out and get creative in the kitchen!

I think Jodus is convinced that that grocery trip on December 1st will make up for any money that we “saved” in November. 😉 I’ll try and behave!

Are you up to the challenge?



3 Responses

  1. Sticking to a budget is always a godo idea. We try and spend $200 also for the month. Yay, for challenges, i’m doing POTM and another one too.
    Good Luck!

  2. I tried to do a challenge like this once and failed miserably! I don’t know how I spend so much on groceries… I at least get a little piece of mind in that I NEVER eat or drink out. Maybe twice a month, and the boy usually pays 😉 So it evens out… right…? 😛

  3. I was just commenting to my boyfriend last night that we are ALWAYS going to the grocery store. I am a huge budget shopper but we probably do not need to go as often as we do. I want to take on the challenge also, but need to figure it all out before I commit. It could be pretty hard.

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