I love when my daddy comes to visit! Wheeeeeee!

We picked him up from the ferry then drove downtown and strolled around Pike Place Market. It was a beautiful day, but a tad chilly.


Dad bought some fruit sticks.

013 015

(They were weird. Me no likey.)

And some dried sweetened strawberries.

012 014

(They were yum!)

And then we met my Grandma Sue and her husband Greg at Ipanema’s, a Brazillian joint.


It’s one of those rotisserie meat places with an awesome salad/antipasto bar and it is all-you-can-eat or they have some menu items which we never get.


I opted for just the unlimited salad bar (and snuck a couple bits of Jodus’ meat!)

025 027 020 021 022 023 024

Plate #1:


Arugula + feta + sundried tomato


Pickled Red Cabbage + Pineapple = GROSS. Did not eat this.


Grilled squash, eggplant, and bell pepper


Corn + peppers = YUM


Plate two:


Peas + green beans + snap peas + parm + sundried tomato + capers


Cold mushrooms covered in oil = ew. Did not eat.


Chickpea salad = yum


Whole grain bread + herbed butter


Polenta 😀


Oh yes, there is more.

Third plate = dessert



Some shots from the carnivores:

 038  043 044

It was a grand old time!

Dad brought us some goods!

048 049 050

His homemade wines! Yay! We need to wait a couple months for the shiraz.

We are now playing Wii! I’m sore from boxing with Jodus yesterday!



4 Responses

  1. I have decided that this is the place we’re going to go when we come and visit you guys. Not that I know when that is…but it’ll be before we move back East. The food looks absolutely A-MAZE-ING!!

  2. My first trip to Ipanema’s was a HUGE success. Everything was sooooo good (except for the greasy sausage they brought around). I can see why you and your dad like that place so much.

    LOL. I love your “dessert” plate of fruit.

  3. […] We hit up Ipanema’s with my Dad! […]

  4. […] We went here back in November (oh wow, look how short my hair was!) and I had just stuck with the salad bar and it worked out famously so I did that again today. The salad bar is out of this world good! And I love that it is different every single time! […]

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