Happy Halloween!

Last Night continued…

After dinner, we went to do our grocery shopping and made an impulse decision to stop by a stand that we’ve seen and always been curious about. It’s semi-enclosed. Rather large, decent selection, GREAT prices!

Look at the size of this cabbage!


(That’s Jodus’ hand.)

Great price for Avocado!


It’s usually $2-$3 per avocado in the grocery store and ~$1.15 each for a pack of 5 at Costco.


I’m glad we stopped. We got 2 huge bell peppers, 4 lemons, a jalapeno, and a big bag of grapes for under $5! Who says eating healthy ain’t cheap?!

We also hit up Costco for mushrooms, bananas, fruit leather, tomatoes, asparagus, and maple syrup.

Then we hit QFC for a few more things.

And I splurged on a treat!

Earlier yesterday on Twitter, I inquired if anyone knew a tasty lactose-free eggnog. PCC, my local natural market, replied saying they had Silk Soy Nog. We didn’t make it there last night but I did find Silk Pumpkin Spice Soy milk at QFC!


I poured myself a tiny glass.


Initial response: smelled very pumpkin-y.

Taste test: quite good! Not really creamy and thick like nog, definitely more in the milk realm. I quite enjoyed it! I think this little 2.5oz pour was about the perfect size too!

019021 023024 028032

Jar o’ Oats

The best part of last night’s dinner was the fact that it cleaned out my peanut butter jar!


Oh yes. That means one thing: Oatmeal.

Typical mix: 1 cup oats, 2 cups vanilla soymilk, 1 banana, for two people.

I’m greedy and obviously took the jar. Boy got stuck with bowl. haha.

I just sprinkled some carob chips on top and called it a day!

038 040

This was so incredibly filling.

Jodus had to help me polish it off.

We finally got on with our day.

Went to get my oil changed and of course they said I needed a transmission flush, power steering flush, some new valve, maybe an air filter. Ugh. Depressing.

Then we went to the gym.

Apparently not enough time had lapsed from our oh-so-filling breakfast. I could not get into it. I managed to wimp out after 20 minutes on the elliptical. Lucky for me, Jodus wasn’t feeling it either so we just called it quits and got some stuff done around the house instead.

Tortilla-less Fajitas

The original plan for lunch today was fish tacos. But alas, we were out of tilapia and are feeling a pinch this pay period so decided to hold off on buying some fish and just making do with what we have. So I thawed a chicken boob instead.

I decided to grill up the veggies and chicken on the George Foreman. I got that underway then realized our tortillas were turning green. Ew.

So we just threw everything into a bowl.


Jodus and I made some guacamole and had some FSTG Jalapeno chips on the side.


There is also some Chalula sauce, sour cream, and shredded cheese.

Isn’t it pretty? Jodus is responsible for the presentation!

079 082

He’s just too darn cute!

Happy Halloween, all!



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  1. I need some of those chips! They look yum!

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