Jammin’ Good Time

I’d like to start off by saying that I feel much better today and much more optimistic.

Thank you all for your support. Totally love you guys! *hug*

I’ve stayed pretty busy (for once) at work this morning! I’ve made at least 4 calls to customer service and processed a few orders, and done some problem solving. That’s usually about how much work I do in a week so to do that much in a single morning is a nice change of pace! Don’t worry, I still had plenty of time to daydream about opening a cafe with Susan and Brie‘s help. 😉

Sporatically throughout the morning, I munched on some pumpkin seeds.

And I ate a quick lunch consisting of the other half of my salmon filet from last night’s dinner AND the last of the leftover noodles from last Saturday‘s Chicken Parm meal! We are officially cleaned out of any and all leftovers, true to Friday form! Jodus was a champ with getting stuck eating a turkey sandwich for lunch. 😉

I just put a little butter, parmesan, and garlic powder on the noodles. It was an interesting combo with the Screamin’ Strawberry jam! The Habaneros in the jam give it such a kick, I just can’t live without! I may need to hunt down the jam lady and have her ship me some more when we run out! I’ve been good at pacing ourselves. We bought the jar over Fourth Of July Weekend this past summer and I think it is about half gone now!

Have you ever tried non-traditional jams? Do you like them? What is your favorite?

My mother swears by one that I think is like garlic and rosemary jelly? I  might have to give that a shot next time.



3 Responses

  1. Great to hear that you had a much better day today! What a terrific way to end the work week.

    I’m curious to hear more about this cafe idea.

    I STILL haven’t snacked on the pumpkin seeds you made. Are you hording them for yourself?? J/K.

  2. Not sure how nontraditional this is, but I had some ginger rhubarb jam that was phenomenal!

  3. Yup, love the rosemary & garlic jam, it’s perfect as a finishing glaze on grilled chicken or raosted whole chicken. Our other favorite from ‘JAMMEES’ is the hot raspberry/pepper, it has that perfect blend of sweet and spicey! Wish they had a website.

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