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    Hi! My name is Leah and I like food! Welcome to my blog about mostly healthy eats! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at leftoversforlunchATgmailDOTcom.

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Apple Oats


Classy Lady

Last night, I had my soup around 4:30 and slowly munched/slurped on it.

Around 7 or so, I ate the Revive Glo Bar. It was so chewy and delicious! Angela is a godsend! I must admit, it didn’t taste overtly chocolaty or peanut buttery, mostly just sweet, but that’s fine by me! Maybe my palate isn’t as refined?

AND we got a bunch of work back in class last night and we got to see our grades to date. I’m currently rocking a 94% which I am beyond happy about. Now I just have to keep it up for 2 more months! 😀

We actually got out about an hour early yesterday because the class tag teamed our Alka Seltzer lab so after I got home, dinked around, and changed into my PJ’s, I did some free flow yoga for the first time! I did some sun salutations, crescent lunges, triangle poses and threw in a couple of my physical therapy stretches in there too.

Pie For Breakfast?

Yes, you heard that right. I had pie for breakfast!


I cooked up a batch of plain oats using vanilla soymilk and topped my half with a chopped up piece of leftover apple pie, sans the thick gross failure of a crust.


Honestly, this pie was a little too sweet for my taste. I think it was the crumble top vs a standard pie crust top that made the difference?


If this had been a good piece of pie, this would have been really good oatmeal.


And a cup of coffee + agave + soymilk.


It’s 6 o’clock! Time to rock!


3 Responses

  1. Hooray for doing well in your class!! You’ve been working really hard so far. Keep it up!

    Thanks again for breakfast. I always love trying a new form of oatmeal. Hehe.

    I need to do more yoga/stretching too. I’m slowly (ok very slowly) learning to incorporate it into my running routine.

  2. The pie oatmeal looks delicious! Good job on the awesome grades!

  3. I looove the Revive bar. SO good 🙂

    Great job on the test score! You rocked it, girl!

    That oatmeal looks very delicious.

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