Piling It On

I had about a cup and a half of coffee with (Irish) cream and boy did it do a number to my system. Won’t be repeating that! Eeks! Not sure if it was the (Irish) cream or the more than a cup of coffee that did it. But blech.

Lunch was a bowl of chili with a cornbread muffin that ended up crumbled on top in phases.


When I read about Caitlin partaking in the Pile On The Miles Challenge for the Month of November, I jumped at the chance to join in hopes that it would motivate me to do a little something everyday in the exercise department since I have been slacking so much. I encourage all of you to join in with me!


I thought it would be fun to show you guys my “office”! And I use the term office loosely as it really is just a nook in the hallway. But it works. 😀


The book shelf is a new aquisition so I have yet to fill it.

I have one lone picture of Jodus and I as my personal touch to my workspace.

I have every intention of printing up some of our engagement pictures to add a little more spice to my area. 😉

And what foodie workspace would be complete without a goodie drawer?!

This is actually quite possibly the lowest my drawer has been with goodies.

There is some granola, nuts, fruit leather, bars (mini and full size). Tea and hot cocoa.

What’s in your goodie drawer?

Tonight is ImprompTuesday! I’m thinking… breakfast for dinner?



3 Responses

  1. Love the work area. lol I went with breakfast for dinner tonight. can’t go wrong with french toast!

  2. Pile On The Miles Challenge?? In theory it shouldn’t be that hard, but for me it will be. I’ll join in the fun!

  3. A little late on the reply, your lil’ bro was supposed to reply for me the other night but I guess he got distracted (he is a faithful reader).

    My goody drawer: dill pickle paks, crystal light packs, 1 pack of instant oatmeal and Element bars.

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