Trick or … Treat?

Traffic was horrendous this morning. I was fighting it, and the rain, for well over an hour this morning to get to my boring, and underpaid job.

When I got to the office, finally, I quickly made a cup of tea to try to make up for my lack of coffee that my dutiful H2B had already dumped and cleaned the pot, unaware of my desire for the hot brew.

For some reason, the hot water feature on our fancy water thingy was not getting it nearly hot enough. So I settled for warm tea instead of piping hot, sadly.

For the life of me, I could not get warm this morning! I am sitting here, sweater, pants, socks, shoes, and wool jacket on, and my fingers are freezing.

And of course my merely luke-warm mug of tea isn’t doing much to help that situation.

Fortunately, lunch seemed to do the trick… for a few minutes.

I had leftover chicken parmesan + noodles + garlic bread.

Dinner is packed. (Plus copious amounts of snacks.)

Leftover chili + cornbread muffin

Yogurt, string cheese, banana.


Trick or … Treat?

Something that I (and Jodus, actually) have given a bit of thought to recently is the “treat” aspect of Halloween.

Now while my largest pet peeve with Halloween (besides the over commercialization of it) lies in the fact that it seems to merely be an excuse for young girls to dress like sluts, I have opted to tackle a pet peeve that I can control: the large quantities of HFCS and sugar filled treats that fill our children’s pillow cases, plastic pumpkin baskets, and tummies.

I have chosen to do my part by offering a healthier alternative to the Snickers, Candy Corn, and Sour Patch Kids.

Now, we contemplated what we would be substituting with. I didn’t want to do floss, toothbrushes, and sugarfree gum, only out of fear of being egged or having our pumpkins smashed. I wanted something still fun, still edible (I know small toys are popular as well), and still delicious.



Mini Larabars?


Yes, full blown a-ha moment.

Fruit Leather!

We wanted to do something we could find at a reasonable price at Costco. And I’ve decided on Fruit Leather. It is still sweet. It is still fun. It’s healthy. It’s affordable.

Maybe I will make a parent smile. Maybe a child will smile. If not, I don’t mind. It’ll make me smile.

Not sure how much to get though. This is our first Halloween in this townhouse. We are on the edge of residential/busy main street, and not the most well-lit area. We will see how many adorable treaters knock on our door. And we are out of leather, we’ll turn off the light, snuggle up, and watch the Saw movies at excrutiating decibels to scare the children away. 😉

Do you get any trick-or-treaters where you live?

What are you planning to give out, if anything?



2 Responses

  1. We only get about 10 trick or treaters on my street … but I give junk! It is the only time a year that kids can indulge their fantasy to get butt loads of free candy – so why not! I loved it as a kid 🙂

    I give out chocolate … because we all need a little chocolate in our lives!

    I also give out chips sometimes. This year, I think a combination.

  2. I am so jealous that I still haven’t had any of the leftover chicken parmesan. It was sooooo good! You did such a great job with it.

    I love your idea to pass out Fruit Leather for Haloween. Wish we had a better idea of how many kids will stop by. Oh well.

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