Eggy Mess

Morning Snack

One of the new advisors at my office, apparently her parents own a locally famous bakery!

And she happened to bring in goodies today and I happened to partake in the smallest slice of banana bread I could find.

It was good! But I got a headache after. For some reason, the past week or so, I’ve had a huge sensitivity towards sugar. Maybe it is the antibiotics I am on? Last day today! W00t!


With the few hardboiled eggs we had left in the fridge, I made an egg salad sandwich.

Nature’s Pride 12 Grain bread, 3 HB eggs, 2 tsp mayo w/ olive oil, 1 tsp mustard, lots of black pepper, spinach, and 2 hella juicy roma tomatoes.

This was a big messy beast, I tell you.

Honestly, I didn’t really get to enjoy it because it was falling apart and my hands were a mess and my desk was a mess and I didn’t want anyone to see it, and I couldn’t put the sandwich down, so I just basically shoved the whole thing in my mouth.


Run, Jodus, Run

Got a text this morning that he successfully accomplished exactly 11 miles in 1:46!  He said his time probably would have been better if it hadn’t been dark and rainy. He couldn’t see anything! Don’t worry, he had a white t-shirt on to act as his safety so people could see him!

I’m so proud!

We’ll see how he feels tomorrow. 😉

I’ve been getting updates all day from him! He successfully picked up his dad from the airport, albeit delayed. They went out to breakfast to CJ’s for breakfast, walked around (in the rain??) a bunch, and hit up the Taphouse for lunch/a beer sampler.

I’m cutting out of work in a little over an  hour to hang out with them then we are going to Tulalip! Bring on the buffet! Wheeeee!



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  1. Sorry you had to work while I got to play around in Seattle with my dad. We had a ton of fun. The walking around after my run helped keep my muscles from tightening up too much.

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