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The Bag Lady


Mega lame, even though it looks good.

I prepped us some scrambled eggs while Jodus chopped up tomato and avocado to top them with.


Normally, I would scramble it all together in the pan but I was multitasking with dinner prep so it didn’t really work out that way. And I didn’t like it so much.


The cold on top of the warm eggs didn’t really settle with me. I do not feel satisfied from this breakfast. *sigh*

School Gym

So yesterday, after work, I drove to school and checked out the gym. Apparently we can use it, free of charge! Yay, right?! Lame thing is the locker situation.

You have to use their lockers that already have locks on them. And you have to buy the locker for the quarter. It’s $10. Not much, I know. But now I’m hesitant. It all just seems like a royal pain in my butt for little return.

By the time I get to campus, it is usually about 4:15, or later in traffic. Class is at 5:30. Seems like plenty of time, right? Except I’d have to change, workout, change again, traipse up to the cafe, eat, and then head over to the science building. So basically, with all that math, I’d be able to get in a 30-45 minute workout, and be cramped for time. And the whole time, I’d be toting around a gym bag, backpack, lunch bag, and purse.

Doable, yes. But ideal? No. I really like having that down town to work on assignments, study before a quiz if need be, or talk to Jodus since we hardly see each other on these days. So I think I just decided I am going to just make an extended effort to make sure I go the other days of the week and call it good.



5 Responses

  1. Good luck on whatever you decide, does sound like a challenge, btu may be good after all.

  2. The school gym is cheap but at what cost? I agree that you need to have your down time, isn’t that when you most often call your Mommy? You’ll find a way t work in everything you need to do.

  3. Thank you for multi-tasking with dinner prep. I’m already looking forward to tonight’s meal. Mmmmm!

    Breakfast wasn’t as mega lame as you said it was. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It was only missing a ton of onion, cheese, and garlic. Haha.

    I know you’re not too keen on carrying a ton of bags all at once, so maybe the school gym thing won’t be as convenient as we thought. I agree with you about going to our current gym on Tu, Th, Sa, & Su. I’ll do my best to help get that routine going. How about we start tonight? Uh, or maybe next week?

    Love you!

    (I know you’re rolling your eyes about this long-winded reply. You’re just going to have to deal with it. Hehe)

  4. Change in the car before gym or @ work before you get in the car and then wear your gym clothes to class (yoga pants & t-shirt with fleece/jacket over). Also eat in class. This will reduce what you have to carry and cuts out the locker cost and changing/cafe time allowing you to get in a good workout.

    • yeah, that won’t really work because I am taking chemistry. There is a strict dress code and we aren’t allowed to eat or drink in class at all. Thanks for the input though, love!

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