Sorry I missed you guys, earlier! After lunch, I was consumed by chemistry until it was time to leave the office!

And for lunch, I consumed the last of the pumpkin risotto.


I was bored it with it. I think this was my third portion? Yeah, I was done. Glad to see it gone, though it wasn’t bad by any means. I just have a really short attention span. 😀

And one of the ladies at work brought in oatmeal raisin cookies!


I used to hate oatmeal raisin cookies because I don’t really like raisins. But you know what? They are growing on me!


After work, as soon as I got home, I was planning on doing a quick lunch post, but then, I was consumed with my chores.

Yesterday, while I was in class, H2B did a GREAT job of getting started on cleaning up the house. There were just a few things for me to do this evening.

As I was unpacking my lunchbox from today, I decided it was a good opportunity to pack my lunch for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later! And I wasn’t relying on tonight’s leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch so it was perfection.

But then I got distracted by the state of our fridge so I cleaned it first! 😀

Remember what it looked like earlier this week?

Well, this is what it looks like now!


(Plus a lunchbox!)

I consider this week a total success. We didn’t run out of food, we didn’t have waste, we had plenty of easy lunches and dinners! Win, win, win!

So I finally got around to packing my lunch, then wiped surfaces, swept, and went to go mop but alas, we were out of Swiffer solution. le sigh.

Why are we cleaning like crazy people you ask? I answer, Jodus’ dad is coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend! I haven’t met him yet. This is his first time back to Seattle in like… a decade? And obviously, the first time he will see our residence! I’m not nervous, just excited/antsy.

When Jodus got home, we did our grocery shopping and finally made it home around 7:30, with lots of goodies!



Knowing that we would be busy tonight with chores, grocery shopping, and watching the season finale of The Wire ( 😀 ), I planned on a crockpot dinner.

And I decided to kill two birds with one stone… or rather one bird with a crockpot. 😀

I have never cooked a whole chicken! So that’s what I did. We bought 2 birds at Costco and I froze one.

Sidebar: While we were there, we debated organic vs. nonorganic. They had nonorganic for 99cents a pound or organic for 2.39 a pound. Sadly, we went with the nonorganic, just because of the price. The chicken breasts we usually  buy aren’t organic either. Organic meat is just so darn expensive! Good thing we don’t eat a whole lot of meat. But I really wish we could afford to get all organic stuff.

All I did with this girlie was take out her innards, rinse her out, stuff her (TWHS?) with onion and garlic, stick a couple pats of butter under the skin, and sprinkle her with salt, pepper, and paprika.

I sound like a pro, right?!

I made some tin foil balls, maybe 3-4″ diameter? And I placed them on the bottom of the crockpot, poured 2 cups of chicken brother in, and then just sat her on top.

I turned her on low (at 6:45am) and left her that way until I got home (4:15pm) then turned it down to warm. The house smelled fabulous, she looked delicious, and I was quite a proud mommy!


Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best chicken I’ve ever had. But my mom is sending me a recipe to try on the other one. It was a little dry, probably because we didn’t eat it until 7:45pm which means it was on heat for 13 hours. eyeroll.


I had a leg and a wing.


I think it looks like plastic food.

Jodus had a boob. 😉


I reheated some leftover roasted veggies on the side.


And made a quick spinach salad with chopped walnuts, craisins, feta, and Montana lemon cilantro dressing.

017 021


We have a lot of leftover chicken too! Yay!


One of the goodies we got at Costco (dangerous!) for dessert:


The boy and I shared that hunk of bark. So good.

G’night, folks!



3 Responses

  1. Oooh, I’ve recently decided I want to tackle a whole chicken! I haven’t been eating poultry that long, so I kinda have no idea how to cook it. I thought it would be a good adventure for me – but I’m only one girl and concerned about all the leftovers! 😛

  2. […] For this batch, I put in 2 cups each of the following frozen veggies: green beans, peas, corn, and then added 1 chopped up carrot, 7 cups of chicken broth, and the rest of the chicken left over from my Whole Chicken Experience. […]

  3. […] my crockpot chicken last week, my mother sent me a recipe for Ina Garten’s Roasted […]

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