Pumpkin Butter Oats

First, I really appreciate all your feedback on my post last night about my exercise slump. It’s nice to know it happens to other people and is fairly normal. I agree 100% with Hallie that I have to get into the habit of it to get it to stick.

In April, Jodus started a new job, and I lost my workout buddy. We used to workout every morning and it worked great for us. I really do prefer morning workouts because I love having my evenings open and free.

In June, we moved and my commuting time increased. Jodus leaves the house before 6am everyday. I just started getting up, doing his breakfast, and being on my merry way and getting to work by 7:30. Not because I needed to, but because I could. And it does work out well. Traffic is a little better. The office is quieter so I can get more done early morning. I just need to adjust my mentality to working out after work.

To answer Susan‘s question, yes, I do belong to a gym, but I have been contemplating dropping my membership because we could set up a “Total Gym” at home and I do yoga at home. I think that really, I need to just find some sort of cardio that I can do. That I want to do. And most importantly, doesn’t hurt! I’m going to have to start getting more creative I think.

But most importantly, I need to make it a habit. I need a schedule and I need to stick to it. It is pretty impossible to hit the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays with class until 9:30 so those can, naturally, be my rest days. Now it is just a matter of motivating myself on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and looking for support from Jodus on Saturday and Sunday. 

I love you guys, btw! 🙂


Ok, sorry about all that.


I did not *gasp* make pumpkin butter toast this morning! 😉

Instead, I made Pumpkin Butter Oats.


2 cups of vanilla soymilk, 1 cup oats, 1 banana, for two mouths.


Toppings: 1 Tbls homemade pumpkin butter, toasted walnuts.


Honestly, was not as good as the pumpkin oats I made last week. But still tasty.


Does anyone have any other ideas on how to use my pumpkin butter?



2 Responses

  1. I like to mix pumpkin butter with cream cheese and spread it on bagels or waffles.

    I often have a lot of trouble balancing working out with all the other stuff I need to do! That’s why I love exercise videos. I do them anytime I skip the gym!

  2. Pumpkin butter…I’m actually not the biggest fan of the stuff (at least not the Trader Joe’s kind) so other than using it for toast/bagels, I dunno. You could try it with eggs I think I saw another blogger do that.

    I would vote don’t give up the membership (I know, you didn’t ask!). I feel like when I’m paying for something like a gym or yoga sessions, I’m more likely to use it…because I’m cheap and I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting my money. But I have a hard time motivating myself to workout at home, so you might be different especially if you and H2B can motivate each other.

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