After months of dreaming, weeks of shopping, a dozen shops… I have found my dress.

Oh yes, it is perfect.

And I’ve decided not to share the pictures at this time.

The unveiling will be on my wedding day.

I have sent pictures to my mother, MIL, Not-Sister, and Sister-2B.

It is perfect.

And will be incredibly fun to accessorize. I will share a couple of those pictures with you!

033 036 041 048


Okay, rewind!

Maltby Cafe

We went out for breakfast to a fantastic greasy spoon diner about 40 minutes away. Yes, it is worth the trip.

003 004

We saddled up on the bar so we wouldn’t have to wait. The place was packed!

005 014

I ordered the Roughneck with cheddar instead of swiss.


The servings are massive.

009 010

The bread + jam is the best ever.


Jodus ordered the Biscuits + Gravy + Eggs + Potatoes.

007 008

I could not finish mine so I got a box to go. I ended up eating the toast, eggs, and maybe a third of the potatoes?


It was pouring buckets this morning.


But it has seemed to clear now.

We went and got our hairs cut/colored.

Dress shopping ensued (2+ hours, & I was in love with the first dress I saw/tried on!).


When we made it home, it was nearly 3pm and we threw together a quick easy late lunch.

I reheated the leftover quinoa (Mexican Kitchen Sink) and threw it in corn tortillas with some sour cream and avocado.

055 056

I took my drugs, and now I’m going to cozy up on the couch for the rest of the day. And maybe work on Chemistry.

Dinner is simmering in the crockpot.

Honestly, I feel so good about the dress. A weight has been lifted. Yes, I am getting married. Yes, it is going to be perfect.



4 Responses

  1. I want a breakfast like that! I love the veil in the 3rd picture, congrats on finding your dress. That’s exciting.

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    What a terrific day (except all this rain). You looked so incredibly beautiful in that dress. I am so lucky. Love you!!!

  3. Congrats on finding your dress! The day I found my dress was so exciting! It’s so fun to pick everything to go with it!

  4. Yay! Definitely check out Etsy to accessorize that fabulous dress. I got my fascinator from seller LoBoheme and she does incredible custom work. I also like the stuff sellers YJDesigns and TessaKim had!

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