Morning Snack


I had last night’s California Chicken + Mexican Kitchen Sink Quinoa.

Plus half an avocado, diced.

It was delicious.

I bit into a largish piece of minced fresh garlic in the midst of dining and I realized something.

Garlic is really good.

I’ve always been an avid fan of garlic. But I rarely use fresh garlic.

Guilty of laziness, I buy a huge container of minced garlic from Costco. It takes like a year to get through.

And while it smells very much like garlic, I think that it doesn’t taste as much like garlic. I’m not sure how that can be. But I’m pretty sure I need to convert to using fresh garlic, at least more regularly.

Is there anything when you are cooking that you refuse to shortcut?



3 Responses

  1. I LOVE garlic, especially a whole mushy clove that has been sitting in a chicken broth. OMG.

    I refuse to use frozen veggies. I did it once and it literally ruined my appetite. I cook with only fresh veggies – never frozen.

  2. I always use fresh garlic! I suck at mincing it, but wonky chunks still taste a million times better! 😛

    I’ve heard of people microwaving veggie burgers, which is something I NEVER do. It’s always grilled, baked or cooked on the stove-top. This is a mush-free veggie burger zone! 😛

  3. I love fresh veggies but frozen are just as good, for a quick meal. I love garlic too.

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